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Thanks for the comments on the boat model, It is still on the work bench. I have not been able to paint much because of the weather but have been building. Started working on a grill for the Jeep but it didn't work out as intended so it took a turn into some thing else

What I was trying to build the grill to be


what it turned into


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Really like all your projects, One question, on your gas tank in the boat, Wouldn't the gas tank be one of those portable with the hand pressure bulb? I think I spied one in the pictures you posted of your real boat. Did you ever think of foiling the boat? The Jeep camper is neat. I have the Maisto HD collection and would like to do a service HD in Police scheme do you know of any dimensions in 1/25?



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Really a neat project with great vision for repurposing the '53 Revell Chris Craft boat.I am still taking pieces off of the one I have by using the side Windows for building some vintage camp trailers from the '30's and '40's.Thanks for sharing.

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How about a Zombie Thread blast from the past ?

I had to dig back 38 pages to find this one !

this project waited patiently on the shelf for years.

...call me Fishmael








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I know that old Revell Chris Craft kit. One of the things that I admire about model builders is their aspect.  What is "aspect"?    

aspect: [noun] a particular status or phase in which something appears or may be regarded. appearance to the eye or mind. a particular appearance of the face: mien. 

When you can see something different than what it's presented to be, then you have an eye for transition!  That is an admirable trait, Brother!  Your take on the SSK Speedboat is another point of view, too!

Not to steal your thread, but this started out as a Revell Bass boat:









Keep going, Brother as the Woodpecker Speed Boat is back in the box and waiting on being finished... -KK


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Kit ,Thank you for a very nice , thought out reply !

I dont have a problem with people posting pictures of their projects in my threads, this is an information exchange type of thing for me.

I really like what you have going on with your boat !

some times real life comes first and the hobby stuff gets put on hold . 



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I had one of these around for a long time before I noticed how cool some of those side windows looked so I used them as side windows on a 1/25 scale vintage teardrop travel trailer.

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