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Again, thanks so much for the nice comments. Teddy, the valve stems are simply pieces of wire, I believe I used scale spark plug wire for them.

Didn't really take many WIP pix, because most everything shows on the finished model. Here are a few though:

Comparison of the "stock" frame to the modified frame:


Mocking up the rear suspension, four link from Monogram Pro-Stock kit with brass rod "link" rear axle from '32 Ford kit. "Shockwave" air ride not scratchbuilt yet.


Interior mid-modification due to the extreme channelling. Laminated Evergreen was used to raise the transmission tunnel. All Parts from '32 Ford 5-window.


I liked how the "Sylvester III" has the filled doors. My plans for the exhaust wouldn't allow them to open anyway. I filled the engraved lines with evergreen, and rod was used to located the body to the frame. This allowed me to disassemble and assemble the model hundreds of times knowing the body was in the same location every time.


Everything getting smooth.


Mockup of engine before painting.


One last pic before all the paint went on. Kinda looked tough in flat black primer though.


Some of you have asked about the Bugatti-Rod. Here a link to that build:


Heading back to the bench!

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