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AMC AMX/3 scratch build kit project

Jeremy Jon

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The AMX/3 was designed on a airplane on a barfbag, many people think the Gremlin was designed on a barfbag, but it was actually the AMX/3. It was unveiled in 1970, the same year the original AMX stopped being produceed, as a fiberglass body on a rolling chassis with no engine. American Motors placed a order for 30 working cars, so the body mold with sent back to Giotto Bizzarrini, a Italian GT maker who handmade the cars (like Jeremy haha). Only 5 were completed before the $2,000,000 project was cancelled, and the remaining parts were assembled to make a sixth car. All six cars are different, with subtle changes made. And so, the AMX name became a package you could order on you cars.

I would know, I have a 1969 AMC AMX in my garage (not mine, it's my dads haha)

Jeremy, this is amazing work you've done. I will be on the lookout for your resin kits. Do you have a website?

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Thanks guys! Bob, yes I will shortly, been tied up with 2 other projects to complete

Thanks Carl, hope you're doing well my friend!

Thanks Glenn, yes it was a pretty far along in development, some say that they poor sales of the Pantera made them think twice about the AMX3 production ...I also post updates on my FB page

Thanks Kerry & James! :)

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Thanks Tim :)

Found some correct Goodyear donor tires, but only these 2, also needed modification to make correct widths

The AMX3 used 205 front & 225 rear section tires

Now will make hard resin copes for master set, and then recast into a softer rubber



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