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So, I was thinkin. There have been a bunch of cool exhibition vehicles built in the 60's 70's & 80's, but what if someone built a Peterbilt with wings? I mean real wings, not false show junk. Of course it wouldnt fly, but who cares?

Heres my initial sketch.


Similar to the drag truck Im building, I built a chassis and added Pete air ride, Jimmy flintstone cab, and a hood narrowed more than a 351.



Made a custom drop axle for the front that will be rigid mounted.



After tracking down a 1/24 P51 Mustang kit, I have my wings and engine and tail section.

So this is pretty much what I envisioned......



So here are both of my crazy truck projects. a little outside the box for me but these are seriously some of the most fun building that Ive ever had.


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I could use the p51 decals. Is it gonna be merlin powered?

let me know


It actually came with two sheets of decals, and I dont plan on using them. Your welcome to them. As for the Merlin, I forget what engine is in the kit. Im only just learning a lil plane stuff.Im def using the motor from the kit though. I have a few Allisons left, but Im saving them for future projects.

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I think this is pretty cool, great to see some creativity out there still. What were those old kits that use to do crazy things - Whacko's maybe ? Seems like there was a P-51 that flapped its wings.

Very impressive front axle that you scratch built.

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CAN YOU SAY IMAGINATION. I like the truck with out the wings, is it a salt flat truck? Great builds, i need some ideas for on the back of my papa truck and i think i found one.

cheers Ewan

The other truck is in this same section under Ertl Pete drag truck. Check it out, tell me what ya think

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I built some fenders that will mount to the spindle assembly and steer with the wheels.


I also narrowed the grill a lil more. It didnt have the slim bomber look I wanted. Now its just right.



I added some bracing to the front axle.


I had hit a wall with what I was going to do with the body. At first I was going to leave the empty space between the cab and tail. Then I had an idea to create a kind of fuselage that flowed into the back of the cab. This is what I came up with.


Now it looks like a shark.





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Thanks guys. I hope to have a big update on this weekend. I need to start building the driveline. I have a lot of evergreen tubing to cut up into headers, and mount an airplane engine into a peterbilt. It needs to be as realistic as possible, because when I hit it rich, Ill use this to build the real one.....

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