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07 SRT8 The Killer Wasp!


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This is the Revell 07' SRT8 Dodge Charger Superbee.

The plan is to turn it into something so tough, a bee just won't cut it, there for i am calling it The Killer Wasp.

The plan is , a set of black 22".s a REAL Hemi, preferably on something, (not this modern rubbish that comes with the kit.).

Sitting on the ground and like a real charger, 2 DOORS!



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Cheers guys, i'm not big on these late model rides, but, someone has to build them. :)

Started fabricating the power plant, so it is only a rough mock up.

Made a pair of turbo's form mainly solder, enlarged the heads as i did not have a Hemi that i was willing to sacrafice, so just did what i could to make it beefy.

Making a later style injection set-up which will feed from an intercooler aswell, just got to find room in the engine bay.


Now, back to the bench.

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Awsome start, I would have put putty along the rear door seems but that's just me

Cheers guys, Ashley, i will be filling all the non necessary lines once i the extension of the door and inner panels is out of the way, get the hard stuff done first i reckon, then i don't lose interest and pull another kit off the shelf.

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nice. What is the kit like? will keep my eyes out for one.

Julian, it's a real dog of a kit compared to the Lindberg Charger, don't buy it unless you really have to have it, stick with the Lindberg kit!

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chrysler should have made a real 1:1 2 door !! yours looks spot on

My thoughts exactly!! I was quickly scrolling to the end of this thread to say that! It looks SOOOOO good!! It's going to be perfect.

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