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Very nice! I would suggest moving the diorama a bit farther away from the background for photos. The trees look a bit too big.


you are exactly correct in the test shot i took the picture closer that it is when i set it up at the shows. here is a picture how it is normally set up. i took this picture at my last car show to show the correct distance. let me know if this looks better to anyone.


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I see two issues that detract from it in my eye. The first is the lighting. Your background has very sharp delineation of shadows and light. If you can't match that with your foreground it is going to look off. Also the trees in the foreground of the photo look way to large. My eye says they are about the width of a car. Now if you are in a redwood forest that would not be bad. Perhaps if you lowered the background until the ground line in the very back of the photo was just at or below the level of the house it might correct these issues.

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That's a great looking "yard", but I agree with Pete J. about lowering the background.

thanks for all of your honest and great opinions on my backround picture. i agree with all of you about lowering the picture i think that will look much better than the way i have been showing it and the next time i set it up i will try it. again thanks everyone and i love honest criticism its the best way to correct things that we ourselves do not catch but others do. :)

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Hi Manny,

If you've ever watched old '60's TV shows like Bonanza etc., with a keen eye you'll notice the painted back drops. Your back drop has much the same effect which is cool. If you're able you might try and experiment with your shots in black and white.

I like your junkyard!


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