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Hawk Midget Replica in Brass

Art Laski

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I got my dirtmodeler.com order in today :D :D :D
I got the Kirkey seat, rod ends, spindles, radiator logo masks, and all kinds of goodies.
The seat is a perfect replica of the Kirkey in the actual car.
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I also did some work on the rear end. For some reason, they top of the rear end was shaved off. I wanted to add the shape back to it. I took a piece of brass tube that was about the same diameter as the center section, and cut a piece off that was about the same width. Then I filled the tube with resin and made a plug. I popped the resin out and cut a piece off of the circle and applied it to the rear end.
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Art.... you are a true craftsman my friend. Welcome to the world of brass... that chassis is just killer and looking sweet. Thia is going to be a killer build when its done. Its great to see you back at the bench. I will be followong this one.

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Since the forum outage lost a few posts, I am reposting what was lost. Thanks for looking!

Added brackets for the steering gear. This was probably the hardest part to do so far, as getting small rings of tube to hold it, with a spacer behind it, was a challenge.





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Thanks for looking, guys! I spent some time on it last weekend, but most of that was a rework of the rear cage brace to get the proper angles to get the fuel tank to clear properly. It was nice to be able to just unsolder it, and then rebuild it. It might have been a bigger hassle in styrene. Hopefully I'll have an update after this weekend.

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Very clean soldering job!

Mate, what do you using for bend tubes?

Thanks, Cesar!

I am using rod, so I don't have to worry about crimping. On the radiuses, I just used my hands and bent it around a metal mechanical pencil that happened to have the radius sizes I was looking for. I probably could have used some drill bits too.

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Thanks, Brizio!

Bob, thanks for asking. I have a small update., Inching along...

Not much to really show because I have spent most of my bench time working a few bars on the chassis to get it a little more accurate and eliminate some fit issues with the tail tank later.

But I did get some work started on the suspension. The torsion arms from Dirt Modeler that are actually anti-roll bar arms on this build have a bigger hole than I can use, so I drilled it out and then used some tube to produce a smaller hole.

Drilled it out so the tube fits.





Before and after...



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