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MARTIANS! Lighted 9" Star Trek Saucer Kitbash is Finished!

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Bug Lights!

I bought this "Bug" Stapler years ago. Looks like it might make a Great Target for the "Death Ray"!


Found this cup at a Party Supply Store, Perfect shape for the Death Ray...


Got a Great Selection of LEDs from VooDooFX for all of the Saucer Lights!


More Coming... B)

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Big Bottom!

I was having a "Space" Problem with the Saucer Bottom from the Alpha Centari Saucer. Just not Big enough. So I'm switching to this Bigger part from the old MPC "Time Machine" Model. Thanks for those old MPC parts Scott!


Here is the New Big Bottom set in place on the underside of the Martian Saucer.


Here is the New Bottom with all of the Holes drilled out. I also drilled a Hole in the Center for the Green Ray. Next, I am going to use 4 Legs from the Alpha Centari Saucer Kit on the Martian Saucer.


More Coming... B)

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Up On All Fours!

I glued a Leg in each Center Hole, in each group of 5. I used Zap-A-Gap and Baking Powder for a tight bond.


Now I can display the Martian Saucer on it's Legs on the Death Ray Base.


More Coming... B)

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