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Honda NSX

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looks pretty Audi to me....

All cars look similar for a given time period...ask an 18 year old to distinguish between a 1956 Ford and Chevy and he will probably say "IDK, they look the same".

It does have some Audi lines - but also a lot of other elements that you can pick out - Corvette? Look at the scoops and vents.

Overall, it's a cool looking car, so is the Audi. Some neat engineering on the Honda too - the V6 and 9 speed transmission.

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some cars look pretty sweet with sharp edges...


Totally missed the point er sharp edge. :) These are fine examples of sexy curves that may have an edge but fits the overall design. They don't have the spear-lightning bolt look of that front end that doesn't seem to go with the rest of the car which looks fine. This is obviously just my opinion of this car.

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Nope, I'm sorry, this car does nothing for me. And I don't know why. Ford's new GT looks much better than this new NSX. The new GT looks like a GT40 from the future (today) should look like. The new NSX just looks bland to me. No personally. No soul. Boring. Though I did think that of first NSX when it was introduced too. I still don't think it's anything stunning styling wise, but it's grown on me a bit over the years. Maybe this one will too. But, my first look says no.


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just like with that Ferrari post a couple weeks ago, now washed away in Noahs cleansing flood, in 10 years when your Corvettes look like this, you will be all gaga over them as the koolest thing since sliced bread. just watch. that is one hell of a lot of car for a hun and a half.


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