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1/25 Revell '29 Model A Roadster 2'n'1


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Apparently, several distributors got an April/May/June release sheet from Revell today showing the ship date as June 29...and the last day for dealer orders as June 10....for what it's worth. Those of you that still like the kit had best place your reservations soon, if you haven't done so already! TB


Thanks for the warning, clear the bench!!!


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Oh, I like that Model A roadster. I'm already licking my chops.

i was just thinkin to myself what kind of monster that old Doc would muster up...

i need a case of these right along with a case of each the other model As and all their 32s for starters

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I just hope the delay is because the powers that be realized that the better the major proportions and "look" of this kit are, the longer legs it's going to have, and the more repeat and multiple sales it will generate...for a long long time.

If it LOOKS like a correct '28-'29 Ford, I really will buy multiples. I mean MANY....and I'll probably buy another one every time I pirate parts from one on the shelf too.

But if it's instantly visually "off", well, you can keep it. I'll just keep on using the old (and VERY good) AMT bodies and donor bits from other kits.

I've already got plenty of beautifully-done '60s Revell nailhead Buicks, finned brakes from the Revell Challenger, and juice-brake backing plates from the old Revell parts-packs...and many MANY '32 and A-bone frames from both Revell and AMT vintage issues.

So...I REALLY hope there's a good reason to buy this newest kit from Revell...I hope it looks RIGHT.

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This is a 29 Roadster on Duce rails that I built about 7 years ago, 427 ford dohc with weabers I call bongos. 4 speed, quick change, 40 ford dash dimond tuck interior, and brass trunk lid with louvers, wide whites, cheater slicks. 2009 Grand national Roadester show winner.



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