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1982 DMC Delorean - Back to the Future Time Machine


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So I says to myself, I says... "Self... you've had some pretty intense builds recently with Christine, and Gremmy, and Phantom, and all. Why don't you build some easy snap together kit?"

And so I picked this one... :blink::angry:






So naturally, when I get a nice physically detailed kit like this I want to highlight all the nifty sci-fi parts to make it look more "real", and that means painting all the wiring, electronics, bracket pieces, etc,.. so they stand out from the model. Which is why my hand is cramped now... :huh:

Secondly, whomever the person is at Round 2 that thought this was a simple "snap together" kit has a really sadistic streak in his body. So far NONE of the tabs want to snap into the body (of course, the parts are PAINTED...), so I have actually resorted to snipping off one or two tabs and glued the pieces together for a proper fit. This holds especially true of the flux ribbon around the sides of the car that connect above and below. I had to attach the ribbons to the sides first, THEN snip the tabs on the upper and lower pieces and glue them directly to the ribbon end tabs to even get them to fit together like they're supposed to... AND THIS IS JUST THE FIRST DAY WITH THIS KIT!

At least it looks nice when it goes together... IF it goes together.... :blink:

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LOL! Thanks everyone!

Ok, more detail added. I'm building the Delorean at the beginning of the first movie. This means no arrestor hook or Mr. Fusion....



Still touching up some areas.

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To install the glass WITHOUT FRACTURING OR SNAPPING TOTALLY, remove the retainer tabs inside the car's body and use white glue or Micro Krystal Klear to mount the glass. Once you get it started, take aligator clips or anything that will clamp on and glue down the glass to the top of the roof, otherwise the interior console won't fit properly.

I came dangerously close to snapping the glass apart trying to install it. Chipped a small area on one of the tabs and started a hairline crack on the other side but it's not that noticable.

Aligator clips clamping down the glass in back...


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Got some more detailing done today...




The multicolored wiring you can see wound together is called "Funwire". I happened across it while at Michael's after I bought this kit and figured I could have fun with it. The plastic hoses were another purchase from there, but I don't remember the name.

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