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  1. 11 hours ago, stavanzer said:

    Found this while cruising the net. With Round2's 3'n'1 Kits seemingly doing so well, if you can find this in your haul of former Revell tools, it would be a great little bonus kit to add to the upcoming '57 Nomad or any other 1/25 scale Pick Ups you might have gotten. Maybe one of the old Revell Chevrolet Vans? 

    Anyway, this is a simple looking, Fun kit. It would be great to see it return.


    It would be fine molded in white, and any tires that fit would work.

    The above would be cool. I’ve never seen that one before. 

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  2. On 8/3/2022 at 10:14 AM, Plowboy said:

    Those styline parts for the '57 Chevy wouldn't be worth the styrene that would be wasted just for the handful of people that would actually use them. Much less the time and effort it would take on the tooling. There's a reason they're not there any longer. They're horrible. 

    I would buy another ‘57 Chevy if the Styline parts were restored to kit. Even though, like the Tiki shifter I mentioned in my post above, I would probably never use those parts. There is no logic to it. But, I like the idea of having the option to build with Styline parts if I wanted to. 

    It maybe a waste to put the Styline parts back in future releases of the kit in general. But, it would get somebody like me, who needs another AMT ‘57 Chevy like they need another hole in their head, to buy another one. Reissuing again without those parts is not going to get me to open my wallet and buy another one. 

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  3. All the talk of the “new tool” AMT/Ertl ‘57 Chevy kits can be echoed by me. I have one of the “stock,” unbuilt ones in my collection. I don’t know why, but the car just didn’t have feel right to me when I opened the box. It was missing a charm or something that the 60’s vintage AMT ‘57 had. I never noticed the problems with the side trim on the old kit, until discussions about it came up when the new kit was released. And yet despite that, there was still something about the old kit that made me like it better? I always joke about liking the older kit better because of optional Tiki shift lever, even though I’ve never used one on any of my builds of the kit. 

  4. 52 minutes ago, TooOld said:

    Looks pretty good to me Scott !  I've learned that the early Revell kits require much more patience than I had as a kid and barely even now . I have one of these and an Orange Crate that I've been staring at for a couple years now , maybe I'll try the dragster first . :)

    Never seen the Revell glue before , how does it work ? Is it like a contact cement ?

    First, thank for the compliment. Second, I like your assessment of these kits. As a kid, I found these kits almost impossible to build. As an adult? They’re difficult, but with time and patience they can turn out okay. Another one of those kits, rumored to be coming back from Atlantis, is Revell’s old ‘57 Nomad. With my building abilities now, I’m looking forward to tackling that one again. I may be able to build it with the working tailgate, working. And the doors too! 

    Third, the Revell of Germany’s Contacta Liquid Special, “Universal liquid glue.” The stuff seems to work great. In fact, I’m due to buy another bottle soon. It stinks to high heaven. A little slow in setting up. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Dries clear and solid, leaving nothing on the chrome from what I’m seeing. For regular, non chrome parts, and chrome parts where I have good mounting points after scraping away the chrome, I still prefer to use regular glue/cement for styrene. In my case, Tamiya bottled liquid cement, Revell’s Contacta Professional, and good old Testors’ tube “Cement for Plastic Models.” In serveral kits, I’ll use a half a dozen different glues/cements. And Revell’s Contacta Liquid Special has become a welcome addition to that arsenal. 


  5. 6 hours ago, TonyK said:

    I heard lots of bad things about this kit too so I was surprised to see one built and looking so good. I've done the same as you and built a couple of these reissues from my childhood. Sometimes I wonder how I ever completed it back then as they are so bad but it also stirs up fond memories. Thank you for sharing your great build.

    Thanks for your kind words. I don’t think the kit has ever been considered bad to build. It’s accuracy has always been the question with this one. I know it not accurate. But I still like it. 

  6. 1 hour ago, carsntrucks4you said:

    Let me throw my words into the ring as the quiz organizer.

    Yes my reaction is harsh and yes I think that a name should be said if somebody doesn't stick to the rules of our quiz.  If I had offend you, my apologies your name is deleted from the thread. 

    There is pinned thread that describes the rules in the hope that nobody will write the answer in the quiz thread. But there are still guys who ignore this thread, therefore I  write down the rules in every weeks quiz thread. But even that didn't work.

    The other thing is that you where informed from other members about your mistake, and nothing happend from your side. Usually the guy who did such a mistake had deleted his comment in the  quiz  thread. But your answer is still part of the quiz thread. This kind of reaction.

    Even the answer is wrong or partly wrong like your answer the quiz has to  be cancel immediately. Do to the time delay from the USA to Germany sometimes I'll be to late to see it early enough.  


    If you stay with the rules and sent a PM with the answer in a future quiz, you are welcome to participate any of our quiz. I hope my apologies  for my harsh reaction had reached you and we get back to  our regular quiz soon. Thanks for your understanding.



    This whole thing becomes more and more offensive. I’m very very offended by the above response. I’m not okay with be abused in the way I am here. I made a mistake. People are making it out to be a capital offense. Please stop. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    You're not being singled out for not bothering to read the rules and spoiling this round for everyone else.

    Rounds have been cancelled in the past for exactly the same infraction by other people, and have been handled exactly the same way.

    It even says right there in the rules that in the event somebody violates the rules, the round will be cancelled and no winners will be announced.

    I'm sure everybody "forgives" you, but that doesn't restore this round of the game.

    Thank you for your understanding Bill. I just found the way the cancellation was worded a little offensive. Especially when I see my name along with it. 

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