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  1. I'm in for neon green with pink rims No but for real: honda gothic grey with black rims. I would absolutely love it <3
  2. JC, i've been trough your whole thread now, and i'm absolutely speachless... Its pretty much a shame to paint this model, cause its awesome to see the material mix and all the scratched parts you made. Stunning!
  3. @Tom Geiger : Yeah for sure @JTalmage : A Flintstone kit isnt a real posibility, because i´m located in Germany and the shipping would be outlandish... I´ll look out for an old passenger train car....the plow is my biggest fear :/ We´ll see...
  4. Hey guys, I know this thread is a while old, but i found a photo of something i want to build, and i think it fits in here. But i need some ideas for the cab, possible base models or sth, because i dont want to completely scratch it: And i'm interested, if there is somebody who started a new project or has updates?...
  5. lower99


    Thats awesome!
  6. Oh man, darren... What I see is absolutely insane! Perfect paintjob! And these details are f**kin´ awesome!
  7. Thats a cool build thread! Even in Germany this isnt an often built kit. I know about 5-6 builts. Cool ya doin it! I´m in!
  8. looks nice, but clear coat´d make it awesome!!!
  9. lower99


    Awesome cartoons, you guys!
  10. Hi men! Thank you for all your fast answers, especially @comp1839: Thank you very much for your offer! Other guys, thank you for the links, i think i found sth
  11. Hi Can you tell me where i can get a wheel set almost like this? I'd be very thankful for ideas!!!
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