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  1. Guy's Thanks for the kind words. Time will heel us all. We will all pass this way at some time in our life and it does help to be understanding, because it will your turn one day and I hope each one of has help and understanding when it does.Guy's always remember this is a hobby and there things in life that are way more important. Again thanks to all that are hanging with me as I try to get caught up.. Jeff
  2. Chuck I don't have any junk ones ,but if you will put your order back in . I will put them in the mail on Saturday and you will have them that next week. I hope this will help. Chuck I relay have a lot of customers that are not being so understanding and this is making things way to hard right now. I know people just want what they order. Thanks again Jeff
  3. Chuck I am sorry I made you wait so long.I have had so bad health issues ,then as I am recovering from it My Dad gets sick and dies. This put me way behind on orders. So now not only full time job as most people and casting on the side I have my mother to take care of. I gave you no trouble refunding your money. Again I am sorry Jeff
  4. Shipping will be about 6.50

    you can order direct from my website!




  5. If you go to my website it gives you all the info on this kit! Yes it does come with photo etched parts to for the hood and one for each c-piller. My website is timemachineresin.bravehost.com/ Jeff
  6. Ok , what is the frieght on the complete kit to zip code 46703-7574 please ? I will have funds after the Christmas Holidays . Happy building ..God Bless you and yours ..John JR. Landgraver

  7. All the detail can be seen on my website at timemachineresin.bravehost.net Thanks Jeff
  8. At this time I would like to sell as a kit to recoup a large some of investment that went into this kit,then I might sell as parts! Thanks Jeff
  9. Have you seen the new 73 Charger SE kit from Time Machine Resin
  10. George just click on this link!!! www.timemachineresin.bravehost.com/ Thanks Jeff
  11. Hi all I have few new items out you might like to see!! The Frist item is the Dyno Don's Pro stock Pinto! The next item is the 1972 Pontiac Ventura II Sprint!! They are ready for order at www.timemachineresin.bravehost.com/ Thanks Jeff
  12. I don't know about any olds citlass! Jeff
  13. Sorry about that here is the link www.timemachineresin.bravehost.com/
  14. Hi to all! I would like to let let every one know that I have some great new resin kits out you to see!! Thanks and let me know what you think! Jeff
  15. NEW FROM TIME MACHINE RESIN!!! 06 DODGE CHARGER 2 DOOR The master was made by Hary Fogerty Check this out at www.timemachineresin.bravehost.com/
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