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  1. Thanks for the comments, these tuner kits were all pretty nice kits, I hope they get reissued someday, ebay prices seem to be creeping up for them.
  2. Nice clean build. I have a '83 on the workbench, this is great inspiration to get it done!
  3. I forgot I did this until looking through the pics, the intake is 1/4" tube with resin elbows, a much better look then the stock parts. Also a rear shot.
  4. I built this a few years ago now. Its the Revell of Germany 359, done as a owner/operator style truck. Its plumped/wired, and I machined all the Aluminum parts for it. I took 2nd at a local show in 2010 with it. Paint is rattle can Honda Hempstead green, pretty close match to the 1:1 trucks.
  5. This is the Revell little BMW 320i. Not a bad little kit, although underside not super detailed. I lowered it, put rims/tires from an Eclipse, added brake rotors, webber carbs with velocity stacks, and racing seats. The exhuast is plastic rod with scratch build cherry bomb glasspack and a 'extreme' muffler, for that low-buck(loud) look. Thanks for looking!
  6. This is the Revell Acura integra, my favorite from the 'Tuner' series. I built this one pretty clean, underhood details, aluminum rod exhuast, and I machined a muffler for it. The rims/tires are from a Hasagawa Civic, as they scale out better then the ones that come with these tuner kits. Black/clear rattle can paint job. Took 2nd place at a local show a couple of years ago.
  7. This is the Revell '99/'00 Civic. I wanted a bare/no show look. The olive paint is about the 4th paint job, and its just rattle can. I cut off the rocker covers, and scratch built some like they look like on 1:1 civic's. The Rims/tires are from a miata. The exhaust is 3/32" aluminum rod with a machined titanium muffler. I cut out the stock airbox and made a cold air intake from 1/8" aluminum rod.
  8. Hello, I'm new to this forum, on a few others out in internet land. I like to build Tuner/modern cars, and Big rigs. I'll post some pics in the next few days. Cheers
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