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  1. I snapped a few more pictures with my phone which turned out waaay better. Here are the Peterbilt mufflers, the elbows I made from 5mm rod and aluminum tube, and the KW 123 exhaust piping (I didn't like the KW elbows). Front shot of cab with Pewter grill, and headlights from a Revell KW COE kit, they are only .03" wider then the AMT round headlights found in several kits, but eyeball engineering to me looks better.
  2. I do appologize for the poor pics, the camera has lots of settings, BUT we took it to a sandy beach, and well, the sand prevents the button from turning. I'll get my hands on a better camera and get some better pics
  3. I started a in progress thread awhile ago, but got lost in that shuffle. I didn't repost until I got a bit more done. I'm building a model of a '72 Hayes COE my Dad drove, from a AITM F-Mack. Although he offers a Hayes, I went with the mack because it doesn't have molded in headlights or A/C. I sort of started this 15 years ago with a MTFAC cab, which was too much work for me at the time, see the side by side. From the 1:1 pics, I'm going for the black paint. So far, I chose the KW 123 as a donor, which adds a bit of a challege, but has most of what I need, spring suspention, cummins, etc. I
  4. Looking for any good pointers for blacking out the 'holes' on heat shields on stacks/mufflers. I used a thin enamel wash, but when I wiped if off with a bit of thinner on a rag, I took about 1/2 of the black with it. I once tried acrylic and used 99% alcohol, but the alcohol seemed to take the chrome with it! Its for Peterbilt mufflers, so the have a long slot vs. a Kenworths round holes.
  5. Nice clean build, the duster has always been a favorite Mopar of mine.
  6. Nice build, the subtle cab lowering, grill and bumper work add a lot to make it really look the part of the 1:1 truck. Although I never built the Tian or Astro, I always thought the cab looked to high.
  7. I hope I didn't sound too negative in my overview, that wasn't what I meant, I just wanted to give a honest opintion of it for anyone else that may be looking for one. I didn't have any troubles ordering/shipping/communications, but did see a few negative ebay scores(I will add his shipping cost WAS what he quoted), but asked around with positive reviews on different model boards.
  8. Someone asked me about opening the door on this on the 2014 build thread, so I thought I would go back and post it here, as it may help someone else. I cut the door open with a xacto blade, but the gap was too wide once it was all sanded, so I shimmed up the cab part with 90deg plastic stock, and added a sqaure piece under the door since the resin was too flimsy. Worked out pretty good on this style cab.
  9. This was pretty thin resin cab, so I don't think the door was any harder then a plastic kit (This was my 1st door opening at that!). I had to shim up cab with 90deg plastruct, as it was too big of a gap once everything was filed square/straight, and had to put in a new piece on the bottom. Here is a in progress of it, I looked back at my inprogress posts and I skipped this pic:
  10. Any more pics of the 'Teg build? I had a paint 'whoops' while trying to touch up a spot (Bleed under the masking tape), so its on hold for now, Duplicolor doesn't strip to well.
  11. Hey, here is a in progress I did last year of a 'Teg, the last wheel optioin picture is the XS tuning wheels I was talking about, I also have the set you pictured above, your 1:1 wheels are almost a combination of the 2. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=84287&hl=integra
  12. Good luck on build, those VX's are popular for engine swaps as they were the lightest civic. XS tuning had wheels that are very close to the 17's in the picture. I had a 1995 civic Si coupe (Ex in the USA). I want to build a model of it, but the Revell '93 coupe only had cheesy bumpers, no stock body option.
  13. Very nice build, I drooled over one almost identical to this at a Subaru mini dealer set up in a mall. It was LHD though. The wheels were almost identical, except the had a thin red edge. Super little car, would love to take one through corners!
  14. I added a few pics before some things were lost, but since snapped a few more pictures so here is a better update. What I did was mocked up the bent 1/16" aluminum rod into the flange, and taped the 4 pieces at the collector end. I put some JB weld into the end where the collector goes, and thin super glue on the back side of the flange to hold the rod in. This particular one, I filed the shape of the flange after it was all set up, which is better because its less flimsy. I filed the collector end smaller so I could slip on the electical connector. I still have to touch up/polish/heat sta
  15. Nice clean build of a not so common kit. The real car was very inovative, and changed rally racing forever!
  16. Seems that posts were lost, no biggie. I picked this up from frontier resin via ebay, $79 plus shipping. Come with everything in the pictures, the cab, interior tub, dash, and sleeper. The resin quality seems pretty good (not the best I've bought, not the worst), with the cab portion thickness not too bad, but the bunk will need thinning out. My only grips is that the hood/front is waaaaay to long through eyeball engineering, and the bunk looks a bit to big (check out how small the 1:1 integral units are) This is a day cab, so it will need some grafting to make it the integral sleeper unit. If
  17. Nice build, I remeber when Evo VIII's hit the North American shores, I know, this one is a JDM spec LHD one
  18. Nice clean build, not a common kit by any means.
  19. Nice clean build, those decals/color scheme looks great for a vintage KW Coe.
  20. Has anyone on here used a cab cast by frontier, on Ebay? Saw this, like the subject: http://www.ebay.com/itm/gmc-canon-ball-with-sleeper-/231358713409?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item35de0dce41
  21. Nice build, what kind of car is that, the car that isn't the ford t-bird.
  22. Nice clean build, the underside looks great! Amazing what some detail painting can add to a curbsider!
  23. Sweet! This is the body style that introduced me to Subaru, and the sweet sweet turbo flat 4's!
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