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  1. So, I finally got a chance to get 'something' done. It's stupid hot outside right now, so I'm enjoying the A/C. Since I’ll be weathering the heck out of this one, I decided to just brush paint the chassis… yeah, I’ll never do that again since I have a dedicated airbrush booth. I also loaded up the underside with some course embossing and Elmer’s to simulate the caked mud we found under there… we’ll see how that turns out. I brushed on some Tamiya Flat Black and sprinkled on some more embossing powder to hopefully simulate the crappy job of the rolled-on bed liner the previous o
  2. I like it! Nice job and Great idea! I like the direction you went with it, since the top would still be removable, were it a real car. When you mentioned 4-door TJ, I immediately thought of the Jeep Dakar Concept. It's really too bad they didn't go with that one.
  3. I guess I’m bored with my ’82 Mustang model kit or something… which is odd, since I’ve been working on it here and there since March 2018... and I’m still not done with it. I think it’s because I’m trying to make sure I get every little detail just right (it was my first car, after all), and as I go along I think of more little things I need to add. So, I decided to start another project – one I can [hopefully] knock out in a few days to a few weeks, rather than years. Back in August 2020, I went to Austin with my pal Harry to pick up another 1980 Jeep CJ-7 (a Laredo with a 304 V8 & T
  4. Interesting and good to know - thanks for sharing. Honestly, I thought it was a C4 at the time, when I didn't know squat about cars in general - I really only learned about the AOD around 10 years ago when I stuffed one in my '71 Mach 1 to replace the roached FMX. A buddy of mine literally gave me the AOD from his '89 5.0 GT when he swapped in a T-5. I just looked a few things up and it looks like my '82 actually probably actually had a C3 (which in 1985 became the a4dl by adding OD)... and that makes sense, because I don't recall it having OD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_C3_trans
  5. Wait! That kit might be more accurate than you think. 😲 Apparently, there is a known-issue with the hood-to-bumper alignment on the 1:1s. I was talking with a new Viper owner a few weeks back at a Cars & Coffee gathering, and he said the hood lines up fine, but the bumper lining up to it has all sorts of issues he's been struggling with since he bought the car. His is a yellow RT/10, BTW. I'm more a fan of the coupes, myself - they remind me of the '63 Ferrari 250 GTOs (one of the most beautiful cars EVER).
  6. Thanks! Hopefully, I'll actually get it done sooner than later... my stash has been growing, and I'm falling way behind. 😉
  7. Very nice! I found a glue bomb of this kit on ebay, and one day hope to build a tribute to my BIL's '60 Dodge. (Yeah, it'll be 'fun' trying to make it a 4-door... I know)
  8. I just realized that it's been over 3 years since I started this kit. Wow... pathetic. Didn’t get a lot done yesterday, but I made these discs to help mount the wheels correctly. I’m using wider tires than came with the kit (just like on the real car), so they don’t glue together like they should. I “chucked ’em onto” a Dremel bit with a threaded tip, then trued ’em up on some 400-grit. They fit great! Then I got the wheels mounted up, and they're just right - they sit correctly, and roll, and everything... unlike the other kit I'd built where the wheels just got glued on.
  9. OK - MUCH better! Here is the first attempt at 'carpet' using some course embossing powder (need to pay attention to the label next time): And here's the second attempt, with the lower door panel carpet pieces, and some cream-colored flock to make 'sheepskin' seat covers: I even left the pile of brown gravel I scraped off from the first attempt in the picture. Hopefully, I'll get a good shot to get this one finished this coming Labor Day weekend.
  10. SWEET!! I love the Fox bodies, and especially the SVOs. Nice work!
  11. Nice Job!! So many people don't even know that the Nicholas Cage movie was a remake.
  12. So, I'm still alive, and still working on the '82 Mustang. I finally broke down and ordered some flocking. It arrived last week, and I had some time to mess with it today. I scraped all that course embossing powder (looks more like brown gravel), and I laid down some tan flock over the brown paint for the carpet, and I'm actually really happy with how it came out. I also picked up some cream-colored flock and coated the front seats in hopes they'd look like fake sheepskin seat covers... which, they kinda do. I'm not going to sweat it at this point. It's all still drying, so I'll get
  13. I saw this article in one of my Mustang Monthlys from a few years ago. Don't know if it'll help or not, but here ya go: http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/1308-1988-ford-ssp-mustang/
  14. I used to slam 'em together in one day - that's how I wound up with the one in the first post of the thread. LOL!
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