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  1. Cool! Love seeing different builds!
  2. Hello all, I have a question about AITM Cabs. I'm not trying to bad mouth AITM by any means, but I am looking at a F Model mack to turn into a Hayes. I ordered a MTFA cab in 2000, and it was rather thick, and I more or less ruined it trying to clean it up (I was 17 at the time). I ordered a tall sleeper and it seems to be a better quality resin, and thinner walls. What are the current cabs like compared to the older MTFA cabs?
  3. Thanks for the comments so far. Whats odd is I am happy the way this one turned out, but I wouldn't drive a 1:1 civic that looked like that, lol. I'd like to find another one and try my hand at turning the body 'Stock'. The front bumper would be the biggest challenge.
  4. This is the Revell 1993 Civic coupe. I was very disappointed it couldn't be build 'Stock' as I had a 1995 Si coupe. I replaced the front/rear sub-frames from a '99 civic, as the kit had straight axles. Under hood cut out the 'Shelf' on the firewall and added wires/lines. The heat stain is sharpie marker over the chrome (same on the army green civic I did too). Paint is Duplicolor Rattle can, and the exhaust is Aluminium welding rod (3/32") fused into a 'T', and I machined the Stainless Mufflers/small cherry bomb. I took 1st a few years back with it at a locol show, and at a different show to
  5. Nice build, thats how I like the Foxbody mustangs, clean and simple.
  6. Nice clean build, really nice interior detailing.
  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!
  8. Very nice build, the red looks great to me.
  9. MPC (then Amt) had a few different FWD Mopars, and they had an 'Omni' but it wasn't a GLHS. I have a older Shelby charger kit to build, and a 4 headlight version of this one to build too.
  10. I like building more modern/odd-ball cars. This one is the AMT release 1988 Turbo Daytona. I detailed the engine, scratch built turbo piping , and the exhaust is aluminum rod with a glasspack I scrach built. Paint is rattle can Sublime green. I know someone with a Sublime green turbo shadow with a side exit exhaust, so that is where I got the idea. Kit was a good practice because its far from perfect (I suppose like the 1:1 car, lol)
  11. Nice clean build. Looks like it could be on 'Passtime'
  12. This is the Revell Civic Si coupe ('99/'00 civic), it was out a few years ago. Evilbay has them, but not a current kit.
  13. Thanks for the comments I saw a bone stock one of these yesterday (same year) out driving in the snow, had to do a double take!
  14. Very nice build, always loved the look of the Freighliner FLC's.
  15. Thanks for the comments! One thing I always do on these Revell Honda's I didn't mention is I cut out the 'Shelf' the intake manifold mounts the engine to, and scratchbuild a motor mount where it is on 1:1 cars. Small fixable flaw in these kits (And the mounting screws, haha)
  16. The base kit is the A64 Autocar tractor (rounded fenders) not sure if the square fender dump truck has a different chassis or not.
  17. Nice weathering of a diamond in the rough!
  18. I've had some pics up on different boards, but here it goes here. This is a Resin Sleeper cab, from Spalding trading and shipping. A little different then the AITM one. Base kit is the AMT Autocar. Frame streched, plumped/wire chassis and engine, the engine is made into a '335' cummins, basically added a turbo to the N/A 250 kit engine. 5&4 transmissions, scratchbuilt headache rack, deck plate and toolbox. One shifter is from a haibrush, the other is scratchbuild from a pin. Lots of parts bin/kitbashed things. Hope to have it done soon enough. Cheers!
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