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  1. This is actually a very nice kit to build, very well detailed. Odd ball car for me for sure, but has been a fun build as far as paint detailing goes.
  2. Here is an odd ball, 1992 Mercury cougar, started as a project for a co-worker. Thought I would snap a few pics before some details may be lost. Engine shots, ,interior and the chassis.
  3. Nice clean build, love the look of those old Celicas
  4. Nice build, great detailing on the underside!
  5. Nice build, cool car fore sure!
  6. Nice start, I've picked up 3 of these ($10 was the most expensive, lol). Looks like an ok kit to start with, not the best, but not the worst either!
  7. Nice build, not a common one for sure. Are those wheels/tires stock?
  8. The one I have is molded in Silver, and actually doesn't say MPC on the box, although its the same box art as the MPC with silver car on it. I picked it up for $20 so looks like an OK deal. I opened it though, some collectors might not like that.
  9. I just picked up the 'Late' sleeper cab F model to turn into a 'Hayes', any more information on making the glass would be a big help!
  10. Good looking build. I picked one of these up a few years ago, moe for the rare factor. I think it was re-tooled into the '88 Gt kit.
  11. Nice build, I've seen the real truck up here in NS Canada!
  12. Cool build, I'd like to see MPC reissue this one, not sure if it would be a big seller though! Although Ebay prices seem crazy high for these! I love the odd/rare stuff built up. On a side note back in the spring I saw a mint (I live in the rust belt so that makes even more rare) Pontiac Acadian, I think a Canadian only version.
  13. Interesting build. My sister had an '88 escort that was, well, far from a sports/reliable car. Seen these on evilbay and I think it wll be cool to see one built up!
  14. Cool build, love seeing something different!
  15. Cool build, I always liked those yr's of Preludes.
  16. I'll try to explain the header as best as I can I should have taken a picture or two along the way. I have W.I.P long tube headers for a '83 Camaro, I'll take a few pics along the way. This one, I bent up the 1/16" aluminum rod following the kits' stock exhaust geometry, making sure they cleared the oil pan. The flange is .015" aluminum sheet, I drilled the holes for the pipes with a pin vise, and for the 'V' part, I filed with a small triangle file. Where the tubes go into the collector, I filed each into a 1/4 circle as best as I could, made to fit into the collector. It was a lot of t
  17. Here is one I did in High school in 2001. In a lot of pieces now after moving a few times.
  18. I noticed that after the fact, but its been moved to the right spot now
  19. Hello all, I'm building another Revell Integra, my 3rd. Nice detailed kit, and the best of the Revell Honda's I.M.O. I went with a dark blue (still needs to be polished out) with flat black hood, no wing. I have 3 wheel/tire combo's i have narrowed it down too. The first option is a (?) stock type R wheel from a Japanese kit with Hasagawa tires, second is Fujimi Prelude wheels with Hasagawa tires, and third is XS tuning rims/tires. The first two choices not sure of a color (white or bronze I'm thinking) Opintions please! Also, Not happy with the kit header, I scrach built my own 4-1. Its 1
  20. Is their another thread for the cab? Very interested in seeing more shots/work to make it the 104"
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