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  1. Thanks! The first place car can be seen in the back ground, the (I should know this...) rusty old car in weeds.
  2. Here is one more shot, I can't find the charger for the camera, so my pics were just from my phone. This one was taken by someone else at the show. Thanks for the comments everyone
  3. I just found some 19" T's on evilbay, might work out good, I think I will pick some up.
  4. I want to build a 'pro touring' style mustang from the Bullett car ('68), was wondering did anyone ever make the Torque thrust wheels on the car, but bigger sized, like 17"/19"? I have seen 'Pegasus t's' after market wheels/tires, but they are 23" I think, which is waaay too big for the look I want. Not sure about using the newer Bullett mustang wheels, size wise, or tires.
  5. Thanks for the comments. Here is a shot of it at shearwater, took 2nd in the replica stock category
  6. The piping is 3/16" plastic tube, with the tips from can-do wrecker. For the rusting, I painted them 'steel' first, then used a rusting powder weathering kit I picked up at a hobby shop. The 'kit' for the rust has 4 different levels of rust and one for soot, you take a stiff brush and more or less brush it into the paint.
  7. Its a Tamiya color, french navy blue from a spray can.
  8. I finally got this one done, here is a link to the w.i.p http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=82705&hl=autocar The resin cab is from Spalding trading and shipping, I think from 2006. I opened the door, with a hinging technique i read in scaleauto maybe a year ago. The hood is hinged with photoetched piano hinges, but I still need to find a way to prop open. Engine is a detailed '335' cummins, with a 5&4 trans behind it (Old school truck, so its a twin stick!). I scrachbuilt the headache rack, toolbox, and deck plate. The breather is machined by me, but I
  9. Nice build, looks like a well used car hauler! spot on weathering!
  10. Nice build, I like these in scale and in 1:1.
  11. Way up here in cccc-cold Nova Scotia Canada, Always a good turn out out for the contest. Car, planes, military, sci-fri. http://www.shearwateraviationmuseum.ns.ca/modelshow.htm and here are the contest rules http://www.shearwateraviationmuseum.ns.ca/modelshowrules.htm
  12. The fellow I worked with has a 1995 with the green leather interior, so they are out there! Although i don't have the wheels well pictured here, they are real aluminum rims meant for R/c racers, my sister found them at discount store, the rear tires are from the AMT Supra, and fronts will be from the AMT eclipse for big/little set-up. The supra tires fit perfect, fronts I wraped some furnace tape around a few tims to make them fit tighter
  13. Nice build, I followed the W.I.P of this one. You should make another post with your 'notes' to help us who plan to build one in the future.
  14. Nice clean build, love 510's!
  15. Which kit is this? Cool build BTW
  16. Nice build, I have 3 3rd gen Camaro's and a 3rd gen Firebird to build, and they aren't that common of a build so love seeing other people's built!
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