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  1. It also was released as a 'race' car, this one had the race parts, fender flairs, side exit exhaust, roll cage, etc. It shares nothing with the other 3rd gen camaro/firebirds that MPC/AMT had out, I have a MPC firebird which shares parts with the T-top AMT released Camaro (I also assume the Iroc). Although I got it off of evilbay, I think its from the early 2000's.
  2. I never even thought of that when I painted this, lol. my color isn't too far off!
  3. Hey all, been a bit since I post on here. Way back in January I post a scrach build aluminum header I made for a Integra project (see link) http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=84287&hl=integra That poor 'teg's paint got messed up so it got side tracked. I switched to this AMT '83 Camaro. I like this body style best of all the 3rd gen Camaro's and Firebirds. I decided to scrach build some headers for it too, so here is a in prgress of them to give you an idea of how I did the Integras. The kit had the 'Race' parts for the race version of the kit, so I copied the l
  4. Nice collection, love the 90's rally stuff.
  5. First Berwick Gala days model show/contest, here is a link to the flyer. Up here in Little 'ol Nova Scotia Canada.
  6. Nice build, here is a link to a picture of my dads truck with one of these brand hammer'n new in (i think) 1977, hooked to a Hayes cabover. This is my picture, but the link is from hankstruckpictures.com http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/pix/trucks/mike_burbidge/hayes1.jpg
  7. I love Datsun 510's, but sadly the few around here in NS Canada look like this one.
  8. NIce clean build, pictures are great, had to do a double take to make sure it was a model!
  9. Nice build, cool contrast to the bigger Brother WRX.
  10. Nice start, is that the old Amt kit? I would LOVE to see that one re-issued, always wanted to build one, but the average evilbay prices with shipping, would mean almost $50 cdn to get one, bit much for me.
  11. Nice start, the intake looks good, gives me a good idea where to go on the 'Teg I'm doing. Best of the Revell tuner kits I think, nice if they re-issued it as the prices for these and the civic's are creeping up.
  12. Nice clean build, love that color blue!
  13. Cool build, love the look of the 'tucked' engine bay. The Revell 'Teg is my favorite of the 'Tuner' kits they put out. Interior is fantastic!
  14. Never seen this one before, I like the Focus wheels myself.
  15. Nice build, love the look of those old school GT-r's. Great engine bay, and awesome chassis detailing too!
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