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  1. I expect any $25 kit to be decent and use today's technololgy. It isn't as if AMT is telling us before release that their kits are using 40-50 year old tooling! Until someone "in the know" posts a pre-release synopsis of the goals/plans of the kit manufacturer! Armed with that kind of info, do you think I would have bought one? Not on your life! And how many more guys like me are there that do not have insider information about these new/old kits who will feel that they've been taken to the cleaners and that their $25 was wasted? I would think that could even dissuade them from pursuing this h
  2. Thanks for the tip! Actually, I rarely buy anything outside the 65-70 era now - I'm really hooked on muscle cars, and see just about anything 64 and newer to be pre-muscle car.
  3. I'll get some photos taken and show you what I meant... hope it turns out well enough for a digital camera...
  4. And I have to say, your build looks very nice! I hope mine looks as well when I've finished. By the way, I was out of the hobby for about 40 years - just got back a few years ago, and much of what is old hat to guys who've been in the hobby all their lives is news to me. And I never was into the nitty-gritty of engines, etc., so you'll have to forgive me if I don't seem to know what I'm talking about... because I don't! All I know is what I have in front of my face at the time, and this kit is so bad, I have to wonder how desperate R2 is that they'd even bother to release this one...
  5. I've had some welcome success with a few recent Round2 re-releases, and I thought that they had finally turned the corner and were now producing kits based on older tools that were actually in pretty good condition. So, I tried their Cougar Eliminator, and I was surprised once more. My assumption was way wrong. Not that the tool for this kit should have been retired, but the entire design of this kit shouts, "Cheap!" You know how R2 likes to say that their wheels and tires are worth the price of a kit, and this time I have to agree - in fact, I'm almost to the point where I'm going to agre
  6. Hello to all of you model car builders, from the armpit of Chicago (Milwaukee). I am 65 years old and retired. As such, I have lots of time to build model car kits. My current airbrushes include Iwata Revolution CR (gravity feed) and Iwata Revolution BCR (bottom feed). I just received a new spray booth - the Artograph 1520, and I'm very pleased that it . . . sucks!
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