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  1. What about just building a "Traditional" classy fendered street-rod for variety? The one shown is pretty highly modified, but has the "Traditional Look" to it. The rat rods of various styles are pretty cool, and are pretty unlimited in what you can do with one, but the same can be said for the more complete fendered, sorta "Resto-rodded" 32's. Here's more of the style that I like to build, complete with a leather interior.
  2. Well, here she is - My first ever one day project, and it was fun . Very nicely engineered kit, and no problems. Went together really well with no drama. Looks good all finished too . Each of the two carbs have 11 pieces each, plus other pieces of connecting linkage. I'll post it "Under glass" with the air cleaner - It's pretty cool .
  3. A friend in our club got a handful of these at a hobby shop in his area of Washington. He gottum' cheap, so he passed the savings on to us - $7.50 for the unopened kit. It's a really kool kit, with bags of parts and screws. There are parts that get glued too - so it's a real kit . Must be at least a 100 parts in it. Never wanted to pay the price at the LHS"s, or box stores, but couldn't pass this up . This is just a fun one day project, that's a kind of no-brainer, but I needed that today . Here's a couple of starting pics, then I'll post it finished.
  4. Randy What a great job . It looks really "Slick" with the bumpers left off. Kinda low down and sneaky lookin . Love the color and stance too. Everything came out BBBUUUTIIIFUUL .
  5. Went to the Gym this early morning for a Real good workout. Muscles still burn . Nice quiet Saturday to be lazy the rest of the day at "the bench" - Probably no PGA today . Anyhow, this is my "CAVE" where I get to "PLAY WITH MY TOYZZZ .
  6. Beautiful work Marcos I used to do consignment work or sell finished work to collectors, who offered me too much $$$$ to resist. Over the years I've been replicating some of those I hated to let go of. Nice that one-of-a-kinds can be duplicated with a few new twists, that keep them still unique, and WE GET TO HAVE THEM BACK - SOMETIMES BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL .
  7. Hi Kevin You've been a good friend and supporter of what I've shared here, and I've appreciated it. Whether you stay or go is your choice, but I think what is really cool, is that your not afraid to share your thoughts and your feelings here. You get them right out and don't hold them in - To me, whether their right or wrong isn't as important as expressing yourself like you have - BRAVO . I can tell you feel hurt, but many of the guy's here have really shared some good advise and have been very understanding and accepting of how you've expressed yourself and your concerns. Many
  8. Tito my friend I agree completely with Raul. Glad ta see ya back "Keepin' on wit the keepin' on" . Now that you're back - can't wait to see more of your work in the future. "Keep on wit................"
  9. Hey Mike Glad ta see ya doing this old CV4 kit. I wanna do a street rod version some day. LOVE THAT LITTLE CAR . The wood thing would be pretty easy. Ya don't have ta bend the wood. If you have a bandsaw, you could get yourself some nice walnut, cherry, or whatever ya like. Slice it to whatever thickness the body is, then lay it against the body and trace out the top of the door. If you have a dremal tool and a few sanders and small burrs, the rest should be easy - NO BENDING . Be kinda thin when you get it all done, but look REALLY CLASSY. A little sanding, and some clear lacq
  10. Well, like I said in the "NEVER MIND" post , they're all really nice builds, but because of my preferences, and style of the build, the '60 Ford really "GRABS ME" .
  11. Well, I think this is going to be a hard choice for all of us - NICE STUFF HERE . But we all have our preferances, and the '60 Ford just leaps out at me, because of mine, and I think I've seen this one before, or it's a "Sorta" clone , either way, it "GRABS ME", and was done very nicely .
  12. Thanks guy's . It's always fun to see how a project you envision will turn out . Like an artist painting a picture.
  13. As you can see in "Monopeds" photos, a hemi is tight, but if it fits, most anything else will. My first car in high school was a 1950 Merc, that I put an early hemi in, and it fit just as close, so the scale is right on . Just about anything is "COOL" in a Merc , even a warmed over "Flattie".
  14. If you go on-line and do a seach for custom 49-51 Mercs, there is a wealth of pics out there, with an unlimited number of color combo's. For a beginner or someone like me, who's been at it forever, it really helps .
  15. Hey Raul my friend Very, very nice. All the subtleties are great and work extremely well on this BEEYOOOTIFUL 40 . So, what's next for all of us to enjoy ????
  16. Thanks Andy That's good info. I wasn't aware of either of those. I'll watch for them in the future. dave
  17. Humidity isn't the only issue, so is temperature - that's why "real cars" are sprayed in a controlled enviornment spray booth. I have a small 5' X 10' walk-in spray booth, that is heated by a oil-filled recirculting space heater (No element or flame to blow you up ). As I live in very wet and cold Oregon, I want to spray in a controlled enviornment, and for me, along with the lighting, and the air-forced ventilation, this was a pretty inexpensive way to solve the problem for the last 8 years. In the dead of winter, even with snow on the ground, I can usually get to 80 degree's in th
  18. Yeah - It's the 1/16th scale Weyman Boattail Roadster with pontoon fenders. Looks a lot like the red and black 1931 "SJ French Roadster". I have some pretty nice research material and hope to build the beautiful "Frech Roadster" with the pontoon fenders, one day in 1/24 scale. Got several Duesy Monogram kits set aside, for more of these type builds in the future .
  19. BEAUTIFUL work Jeff . Engine, color and especially the interior all work so nicely together. The small round taillights are a nice subtle treatment - I spotted those right away, as I like subtle changes that make the look, a little more "Classy" . Guess I'll have to finish mine one of these days.
  20. Thanks everyone . Harry I thought of you when I posted this, because I know how much you enjoy the classic Pocher kit's, but this one's only 1/24.
  21. The old 30'd cars to me are beautiful, and I really like the "Clark Gable Style" Duesenberg, but the colors never thrilled me. So I decided to use one of my favorite color combinations - black urethane, and a custom mixed urethane buckskin, and then clear coated it. The body is a Monogram 4 door, 2 seat Phaeton kit, that was shortened, fenders shortened, as well as the chassis, exhaust and drive-line shortened. I re-arched the shape of the trunk area, scratched up a boot for the 'vert top, laid the windshield back, and filled in the spare tire "Wells" in the front fenders. I also split the
  22. Hi Fabrizio HAPPY NEW YEAR Ebay or a similar site is probably the only place you'll find one - PRETTY RARE. Can be pretty spendy $$$$$ for one as they don't come up too often, and there's ususally a lot of competition bidding, but depends on the condition. GOOD LUCK. Hope you and your wife had a good holiday - dave
  23. I didn't realize this kit could look "SO NICE". BEAUTIFUL JOB . I have one of these kits. Guess I'll have to order a decal set from keith - been using his decals for years and they work great .
  24. All the major pieces Ben. Trans., suspension, exhaust, and other smaller parts. Probably close to a 100 pieces Alcladed in the two models. These two models have a combined 3000+ hours of building, and over 3000 pieces, that's why I used a good quality product like Alclac II.
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