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  1. Here you go Ben . If you have the time, read all the posts, as there is a wealth of info from other's who posted as well. Best of luck - IT JUST TAKES PRACTICE .
  2. For all of you out there new to Alclad products, this is not a product that is unique to the modeling industry, but a product used for commercial purposes years before it was introduced as Alclad II. There are several manufacturing companies who have been marketing this same product in the auto paint industry for years. Also, Alclad is not a lacquer-based product, but a alcohol/acetone-based product, and that's why it can be sprayed over lacquers, enamels, and auto urethanes - AND IT CAN BE SPRAYED OVER CLEAR. I've been using it since it came out, but have also used other manufacturers id
  3. I think most of us are being pretty patient, and realize changes bring about "Challanges" that need to be worked out . Don't think the're is a need to look out the "Skins". We each just need to find what works 'till it's all sorted out. I like most of the changes, and have "NO BEEF" (Where's the beef ) with the forum updates. Most everything still works, just have to get used to the changes . GREGG, thanks for trying to make things better for us (Even the whinners ).
  4. Well, I gotta couple 32's that were fun. The blue one has painted flames, chopped roof, and red leather interior. The black one was a long time build. Raised and re-arched the front fenders, and pretty much scratched the rear fenders. I wanted the huge wheels/tires combo and have it sit in the "WEEDS" . Doors and trunk are opened and I used leather for both. Added a few chrome "Embellishment" to the body, and did a full chrome treatment to the underside. Lastly, a black mile-deep paint job to contrast against the chrome .
  5. Thanks Mike I like the "COMFY" skin the best, but the "Default" skin works the best for me as far as all around useability, and is easiest on the eye's, except for the comfy skin being the "BEST" visually.
  6. Same thing here Dan. I hope Gregg recognizes the "Glitches" in the different "Skins", and maybe has his "WEBMASTER" fix it .
  7. Thanks for responding . Your suggestion worked . I'm now back to a normal size pic after choosing a different "SKIN" . Thanks for the help - dave
  8. Pic size of others on the forum, as well as my own pic size, have been flopping back and forth from day to day, from normal size to 99% resize - WHICH IS HUGE . Now that's where it seems to have settled in. I have IE8 ans FF, and everything was fine like most everyone else, but now the pics are huge, and there is no scroll bar. Every post I click on, the pics are huge now , AND SOMETIMES THE WORD POSTING IS EVEN LOST.
  9. Same here. Just the default setting or lo-fi . No "Skin" choices" .
  10. Been doin' eBay for years, and love it . I know, some of you guy's hate 'um . Always a huge selection, and at times you can get super deals, if you watch closely for something your wanting. Almost always cheaper prices, even with shipping, for the new kits being released, if you just wait a while, and then brows what's being offered. Probably bought a couple hundred kit's on eBay, and only a few bad experiences. Still worth it for all the old cool stuff out there .
  11. Yeah, there still seems to be a few small "SNAFOO'S" on my end, but MAN MY COMPUTOR IS RUNNING SO MUCH FASTER since I upgraded to IE8 and added FIREFOX . I figured out the pics and text thing, so I guess everything else should fall into place, like when I first signed up here, and had to learn it all. Anyhow, it's like havin' a new computor after I did all the changes. Guess I should thank Gregg for the "UNSUSPECTING CHRISTMAS PRESENT" . THANKS GREGG
  13. Yeah, posting and all works great now . Downloaded IE 8, and it asked my about Firefox Downloading, so I guess I got it ?? Anyway, had to make some changes, and so far looks and works great
  14. Well, so far this seems to work . Used Internet Explorer for the first time and figured the rest out. This is a fun little project I just finished yesterday. One of those on-again off-again things for about a year. Did some kit-bashing and scratch-building, and it turned out fine. The first pic is from my stash of research material. I liked this car and the colors and contrast, so I decided to do everything pretty much the same except the engine. Always wanted to do an Ardun flathead. The "Soft-looking" bumper going around the inside of the seat at the top is a scratch-built item I add
  15. Hi Gregg. I can't post pics now, and my posting area is covered by the options menue. It'll work fine hopefully, once the bugs are worked out. I'll be patient - Merry Christmas
  16. I have to agree with Gramps. I can't post pics, and my area to post here is blocked by the option menue. Sorta reminds me of when SA changed, and nothing was ever the same for me or useable after that - THAT'S WHY I LEFT.
  17. Can't upload pics - SORRY
  18. Half of my posting area is covered by the option menue box, plus when I try to typically load pics back and forth from my image hosting account, I loose everything, and need to start over. Any help appreciated - dave
  19. SURPRISE Hey, it's up and running - HOW COOL IS THIS . Not sure about the look yet 'cause it's NEW, but will spend some time later - "LURKING" - to see the changes. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
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