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  1. Great job Harold . One of my favorite year Rivys and love the color .
  2. VERY NICE CHOICE GREGG . A BRAND NEW 'VERT in paradise - doesn't get much better than that TRIPLE BLACK - YUM - NOW YOU AND HARRY ARE BOOKENDS . Bought a '67 390 High Pro Fastback in Dec. '66 - A ROCKET. MAN WAS THAT CAR FUN . I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine. Workin' on a next gen design of this body - A WOLF IN WOLFS CLOTHING .
  3. Hi Scott OUCH_OUCH_OUCH (Us old guys have weak arms). Gotta finish up my scratch-built Auburn before I committ to anything else. Been puting it off for years , and now I'm close to getting it done, and very happy with it. The JPS car would be a fun easy project after the auburn is completed. I'll probably do several "EASIES" after the Auburn . Be about a month before the auburn is done, then I'll PM you, to let you know that I started the thread if that's what I decide to build next. Don't have anything else in mind right now other than this, so we'll just see. Thanks for ask
  4. You could be right Mark, as they made several kits in this series, and this one posted as the original topic could have been the one that had it removed in the kit - been a while. The parts pic of the JPS Mustang, if that's what your referring to, doesn't show the changes I made to it. In the pics I'll include here I'll show the mods and explain them. In the first pic, a repeat of the parts pic, you'll see on both sides of the chassis, a three sided indent for the two black panels shown to be glued in there, to form the lower part of the chassis, and the lower side panel of the body. I
  5. To me, these are very nice kits, and Revell did a nice job on them. As I remember, everything fit well. The #4 JPS seems to be just as nice as this one pictured. The body is attached to the chassis in the one shown here, but I modified, and re-engineered the JPS version, so that it's assembled differently, so I can display the body and chassis separately to show the details under the "Skin", or I can put it together and show it as an assembled car . Here's the kit I'm working on now. As you can see, I opened up the rear hatch like the yellow and black 7-11 car. I like stuff to mov
  6. Every once in a while I get the urge to build a "Racer" . This is pretty much out of the box except for opening the rear hatch and hinging it, adding turned alum. engine pullys, a ton of Zeus body fasteners and using a different color combo than the box art showed (Red and White). I used urethane paint for the finish, used the stock decals with a catalyzed urethane HOK clear-coat over them, and detailed the engine and interior. Right now I'm building the Black and Gold "Finland version" #4 JPS Mustang - Got the urge again
  7. Been their twice so far, and hope to go again. Drove there with a friend the first time, and met two buddies there who flew in from where I live. "GEEZE WE HAD FUN" . For years I had read about it - THE CONTEST . I got to meet so many people I had heard about, and seen their stuff in mags. Like at any contest, most were really friendly, down to earth guys, who just love to chat and share some about what they brought. And of coarse you have the few who are sorta "Snobbish" and look down on the rest of us "PEE-ONS", which just made us laugh. The main thing I found that made the wh
  8. Yeah, sometimes I just gotta go and have some FUN when someone gives me the opportunity . Circle track or closed wheel - not sure how it was designated. Like any contest, judges have their own standards - ME TOO, when I judge. I just buid-um, then set 'um on the table ta see what happens. Not sure how Mark and the guy's decide such things, but IT SURE IS FUN WHEN YA GO . Got a couple buddies in the area here, and we always go there together to spend four days being "ROWDY AND EATING WAY TOO MUCH". MAN DO WE HAVE FUN . Not ever very concerned about the awards at the time, j
  9. BECAUSE ALL THE PIECES CAME FROM A NASCAR KIT, AND BECAUSE IT'S MY MODEL . HEY.....IT WON . Oh..... and thanks for the compliments . dave
  10. Congrats my friend - ya got it . Pics turned out great and the truck is cool. Keep us posted on updates - dave
  11. OK, how cool is this . Beautifully clean build, and of all things I love those "wrinkle wall" slicks in the last pic. Makes it look oh so believeable. REAL OR MODEL??
  12. I wanted to share this as an example of how details can make a difference, and because I'm really proud of how well the hand painted graphics turned out. This Tamiya kit is a joy to assemble with a full engine, so detailing it was an extra pleasure, and the decal graphics are just stunning, and apply beautifully. The problem for me was the decals ended at the edge of the body instead of wrapping around under the various ending locations, especially where I opened the doors and hinged the engine cover to open and close, and at the wheel well openings. The edge of the decals were pretty o
  13. . . I came to the conclusion that what I was doing was hit and miss - LUCK - Sometimes good, other times not so much .
  14. Hey Rob Glad to see you were able to post more pics - Except most of us "HATE THUMBNAILS" . When I first joined here, my posts came out the same way, but I asked for HELP on a thread I posted called "HELP", in the general section, and several members came to my rescue. I don't remember now how to make the change, but if I can do it anyone can . Hope to see more of this truck in the future as you've got great idea's and a good start on it - dave
  15. For me, gray primer is a nice neutral color for doing body work, but for most bright colors I do as most car painters, and thats use a white primer, as a final primer before color, unless I want to tone down the color, then you can use a gray or for a black paint job, I use a black primer, to give the gloss black more intensity and depth. A lot of things make a big difference in painting. Air and paint temp. conditions, painting technique, brand and style of paint, and familiarity with the products you use, can make or brake your sucess.
  16. I agree with everything you've said here Mark except this last statement of yours. I find that the final thickness depends on the technique being used, and the skill of the painter, like most any painting. For me, I love using urethanes, because it has so much more pigment than lacquers or enamels. I can lay down way less paint, and have way more crisp details and "POP" after the last coat of clear. But again, it's all in the skills and technique.
  17. Hey Mike I loved the "Mud-Renault" video .
  18. Lot's of opinions here, but there is a BOTTOM LINE ( At least to me ) when entering a contest. (1) If you don't like what the people do that run the contest - SIMPLE- don't enter. (2) If winning comes before having a good time, then you're building for the wrong reason - GET ANOTHER HOBBY. LASTLY, this is about the umteenth time this topic has come up over the years, with everyone sharing their opinions, including those never ever close to a contest ???? , and the same exact opinions always surface from a new group of people, then the topic goes away and we go on with our modeling as i
  19. Mark insists that handling is a requirement for judging properly. When I took the Hollywood Graham there in 2007, and put a don't touch sign next to it, Mark tried to be polite, but was definetly "Ruffled" . Marks funny. Once he calmed down, everything was fine, and I won. Contestants aren't always the only one's with attitude when the pressure's on. Oh, about the across the board contest rules for every event no matter where - NEVER HAPPEN. TOO MANY DIFFERENT IDEA'S ABOUT HOW THEY SHOULD BE RUN.
  20. Ahh George, there's nothing like the "THRILL OF DEFEAT" to drive you to want to win - TA GET EVEN .
  21. That's a shame George. Yes we do live in an imperfect world, and things do happen. I guess my worst model building experience was right after I finished my best ever paint job up to that point in my young life, I was probably 15, I dropped it in the dirt when the paint was still fresh . Been entering model car contests since 1958, never had a really bad experience. Parts fall off sometimes, or hoods or other loose pieces fall off when the car is handled, and the judge doesn't always think about it ahead of time. As a judge myself in shows, I've been the same imperfect person and dropped
  22. Yeah, I got me a little guy ta help too, but he turned out to be a "Task master" . When he speaks - "I LISTEN" .
  23. Fabrizio and I belong to the same club, and when he pulled this thing out of it's box, it just blew my sox off . I LOVE THIS KINDA WILD STUFF, and the pic's just don't do it justice - In person it's just CRAZY COOL . Glad you posted pics and shared it with everyone here - dave
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