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  1. Bottom view of the chassis and engine, a lot of detail painting makes this come alive, even though the suspension is simplified. I wanted to be sure that I had the correct 'stance' and track width of the wheels on the car, especialy with the wider rear fenders, and therefore needed to mate the chassis/interior assembly up to the body to see what modifications were needed. I cut slots into the locating points on the rear wheel hubs and also added spacers to the disk brake hubs to get the correct track of the wheels and also to get the correct centering of the wheels within the wheel wells. I us
  2. Brought the interior and engine/chassis assembly together and added the engine beauty cover 'Corvette' decals and otter under hood decals . You can also see the seat belt retainers in the shot below. Below is a top view of the assembly.
  3. The interior build went pretty smoothly a lot of detail painting and AB work/masking and many small decals, but it looked impressive when completed. I also made up a set of floor mats with the GS logo, from a photo reduced picture that was then put onto masking tape and the gray was touched up with Vallejo Gray-Z. The interior I'm replicating is called the 2LT and this one has a two-tone interior --Gray/Black and the there are Aluminum 'Hash' marks on the side of the dash. the console cover has an optional GS logo, which Thomas at Speedway decals replicated. the top dash, seat inserts, a
  4. Yes it sure does -- there is also a lot of info on-line with regard to pictures and dimensions
  5. Fitted the Maisto cooling vents on the top of the rear fenders and blended them in, these will be painted in the Arctic white body color. Also decided to open up the lower air intakes in the front of the rear fender and added some styrene strip for the trim --this will be painted 'Carbon Flash'.
  6. Next up the Wheels/Tires -- Used the Plazmos C6 -Cup Wheels, which I think were originally debuted on the 20113 60th Anniversary Vette --the ones I'm replicating are called the 'machined faced aluminum'(see pic below) . So after the wheels were cleaned up and primed, small hole was drilled for the valve stems(Detail master) and then the wheels were AB with Model Master's Metallizer Polished Aluminum and after they dried, AB with Vallejo Gunmetal -- the spokes and rim circumference were then wiped with Acrylic thinner to remove the Gunmetal in those areas. Speedway decal did some very small 'co
  7. Gary -- thx for the kind words, I'll try to keep it going, Al
  8. Len -- what a beauty , that is my other favorite color , love the black cup wheels. I'm going to use the rocker skirts from C1 and modify to look like what's on your car -- I'm using Automotive Touchup paint's 'Carbon Flash' -- it looks great, metal flake does not look out of scale. You'll see these later as I continue the build! Best of luck w ur Vette!
  9. Really nice looking C7, great job!
  10. Looks really good - -has that aggressive stance!! Keep it going
  11. Next up was trying to replicate the 'Stage1 Spoiler' -- This spoiler has a body colored section nestled into the 'Gurney flaps', how far this section is placed beneath the flaps determine the down force that the car can achieve or something like that! This is where I used a combination of the C1 Tru-fiber 'gurney flap' and the C7 kits' spoiler. To finish this off, I used photoetched bolt heads from Scale Motorsports, spaced at intervals measured from the 1:1.
  12. Now the real fun begins --trying to replicate , in scale, the side cove vent trim. you can see this in the 1:1 picture above. My approach was to photo reduce an image of the vent trim that I found on-line(I think it was from Corvette-Mods) and then I placed this onto .010" plastic sheet and carefully cut these out. I then used 'half-round' for the vertical sections and rectangular styrene strip fo the horizontal sections -- measurements were taken from the 1:1. I think the results come close, I still need to do a little more trimming and sanding --you can see the many parts I made and the temp
  13. The two big distinguishing design features of the GS is the rear wide body and the side cove air extractors(see pic below) -- if you look at the pictures above you'll notice that the side cove from the 1/24 Maisto is really for a 'Z06'. The GS side cove has the GS emblem area located almost in the middle of the cove and it also has side vent trim that harkens back to the original GS. This turned out, for me anyway, to be one of the most challenging aspects of the build. I did take measurements from the 1:1 car and scaled them. I filed down the 'Z06' logo and then used a small strip of styrene
  14. Yes, your quite correct, matter of fact I have most of it on my work bench! Thanx for the complement, it's most appreciated. Onto the build -- with much fitting, the front grill from the 1/24 Maisto looks pretty good. This is the correct grill for the GS and the Z06. Due to the slightly larger scale it had to be massaged into place. it will be primed and painted Semi-gloss black.
  15. A little work on the front fenders and a comparison to the stock Z51 C7 kit - -Apoxie putty was used after a 'lip' of strip styrene was placed in the wheel arch. i had to study many pictures of the front fenders to get the look correct. Also another comparison of the rear of the GS with the Z51 stock model. you can see that the GS is much more aggressive looking
  16. Rear fenders starting to take shape --this is a side by side comparison to the 1/24 Maisto Z069they call it a Grand Sport??)
  17. First coat of primer, fitted side air vents(still not correct, but will be fixed later), top fend scopes added, and again much sanding and filing and filling...
  18. After grafting the C7R fenders/rockers and keeping the C7 stock wheel arch with the 'signal indicator' -- now the real fun begins --many/many hours of filling, sanding ahead. used 3M two part glazing putty and Apoxie filler. But the general shape looks good at this point --fingers crossed!
  19. As you can see from above and below, i had to open up the front grill, top rear fender air extractors and also the side vent coves were cut out --many hours spent doing this. also, much test fitting of the Maisto parts to integrate into this.
  20. So here we go -- biggest difference between the Z51 C7 and the Grand Sport is the rear fender wide body, among other differences such as front grill, rear xmission cooler vents, side cove vents and vent trim pieces and rocker skirts. I took measurements from the 1:1 across the rear fenders and scaled the dimensions and compared to the C7R model and the fender width was almost exact. I also measured the front fenders and decided that I had to provide a 'little more flare' to the front . So the plan is to cut out the C7R rear fenders and rocker panels and graft them onto the C7. So let the surge
  21. Since there is no 1/25 scale(or any scale) model kit of the C7 Grand Sport, Z06 or ZR1 version of the Vette, I took advice from some builds and comments on this forum about doing a kitbash to recreate this. So the approach will be to combine the 1/25 Revell 2016 C7 kit, the C7R Revell kit, bits from the 1/24 Maisto Diecast 'Z06', C1 models resin kit, 'Cup' wheels from Plazmos, I had custom decals made by Thomas at Speedway Decals and much advice from builders, Ismael G., Len Woodruff and Bob Downie, on the use of Automotive Touchup paint. Below are the kits that will be used
  22. The inspiration for this build is the 1:1 vehicle that I purchased last year, on the 'bucket list' -- 2019 C7 Grand Sport , Coupe, Arctic White, Heritage package, Carbon Flash badging, machined face 'cup' wheels, two-tone interior. Last version of the front engine/rear wheel drive Corvette. This will be a challenge, but lets give it a go.. .picture below is what I will be striving to recreate!
  23. I've worked with him and he is very reputable. I would or hesitate to do business with him. Al
  24. AJM

    Corvette C7

    The Arctic white C7 looks great. Nice job!
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