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  1. From someone that has had 10 racks of parts plated and is currently prepping another large batch of parts to send off to Little Motor Kar, the results are directly related to the amount of prep work and careful mounting of the parts. When removing mold seams and imperfections, your parts must be perfectly polished out or any scratches and flaws will show in the plating. It's just like body work under paint. I've had a few parts that I have had to re-do because I didn't get the parts fully polished or there were flaws from improper mounting.

    Regardless of where you send your parts, follow the instructions on Chrome Tech's website.

  2. http://public.fotki....heartland-mode/

    Here is a link to nearly 300 photos from the Heartland Model Car Nationals that I took on Saturday. I missed several awesome builds and I apologize for that. It WAS an incredible contest and show.

    Bill and Andy, I did not get to meet you in person, but your builds were exceptional and the awards you won were much deserved. This was the first HMCN I've attended since 2007 and you can guarantee that I will be back again in 2013!

  3. I had two packages stolen from my front porch about two years ago. Both had delivery confirmation and one was insured. I filed a claim but was denied reimbursement by the USPS. Once the package is delivered, the USPS liability ends. End of story.

    Models lost were an MPC 1970 Cougar HT kit and an AMT 1965 Chevelle Craftsman kit. A kind woman that lived about six miles from me found one of the empty shipping boxes in her front yard and contacted me. I replace both kits but to this day I am still PO'd about it. I now have all parcels delivered to my office, where someone is always there.

  4. do you have a citation for that claim against california?

    probably not...because i doubt it was strictly a california thing, though im sure they/we were out in the front of the pack.

    distribution is kinda spotty on it on the west coast; there are those claiming it to be plentiful, but ive been to two shops in the past month with practically none of it available. both did have the primer that was missing for so long, but one especially had zilch, almost literally. and they said they were trying to get hold of some.

    i need to establish a cheap and reliable internet source for the TS series and the military stuff too. any suggestions?

    California Proposition 65 is the culprit here. My employer is in the caulk and sealant business and have had to change labeling for the same reasons as Tamiya.

  5. I think Eds email is lowcab36@epix.net I have not spoken to Ed myself but, I do understand he has closed his doors. Could just be a rumor though.

    Ed still has some remaining stock, but is essentially out of business. I bought a few hoods from Ed last month. He is out of resin and RTV with no funds to replenish. Sales have been very slow for him at shows he told me. Too bad because he did have some nice stuff.

  6. Good information for those that are new to the hobby. From one that was in your shoes 10 years ago, here are some additional tips. Regarding the Testors lacquers, try clearing them with the Testors One Coat clear. Duplicolor auto sprays almost always dry flat and require clear coat for gloss. Duplicolor auto clears are nice too. If you haven't tried them, you really need to get some of the Tamiya sprays. They are the best rattle can paints for our use bar none. The labeling issue appears to be resolved and they are trickling back into the marketplace.

  7. is that conversion a straight copy of the original '71 kit?

    a couple of points where i see problems,

    the fender extensions have a part that curves to meet the hood, i don't see that on the body

    the grille looks a little off or weird too. the 1:1 grille does not go all the way down to the top of the bumper, there is a sloped piece that's part of the grille that goes in behind the top edge of the bumper. the grille pictured just to me looks like a modified '72 grille.

    the turn signal bezels in the fender extensions look a little soft and smoothed over at the peak where they wrap around. again is this an issue from copying the original kit or?

    the bumper itself seems a little blocky and hard edged as well.

    i'd love to have a '71 Chevelle as my first car was a '72 that i changed the front to '71 parts because i liked it better.

    Dave, it is a direct copy of the AMT 1971 annual. IMHO, the front end of the MPC 1971 Chevelle better captures the "look" of the 1:1. AMT missed it on the grille, but once plated and painted it doesn't look bad. The MPC 1971 grille surround is part of the bumper and headlight unit and comes with separate grille inserts.

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