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  1. Thanks everyone yes it's going on the layout Mopar Thinking of a recovery scene Lots to go Thanks for stopping by all
  2. Here's a pair of Athearn ho 1/87 trucks the wrecker is going to get stripped and rebuilt new paint striping. Photo etched exhaust shields for both trucks Driptroit 8v92 from ralph radcliffe resins bunch of other stuff coming for them will both have alcoa steers and either wobbly drives or budd 2 hole The tractor will also belong to the towing company as an accident trans load set painted to match the wrecker or as a bobtail to tow the wrecked trailer away
  3. Will be slow but I'm working on one as we speak still tired and weak from the crud we got
  4. Picked these 2 up at a great price so I will be starting with these as the other one is undecided as to what it will become paint wise And my Earnhardt builds got packed away when we got exceptionally sick Do this behind my return No idea why the pics are upside down sorry y'all
  5. Know Bill personally when he used to come out to the Washington Western 500 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Wa during the 80's I worked the safety crew when I wasn't racing myself Very real and down to earth You car Car brought back memories thanks
  6. Very nice What colors did you use
  7. Ground level photo would be really impressive Turned out really well
  8. Interesting information Nice looking day cab
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