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  1. Kerry. This is a replacement for the crushed one. Now just need to finish the trailer to complete the set.
  2. Man oh man have you been busy really digging this screed monster. Now you just need a shuttle buggy for it.
  3. Had help on this truck what with my hand issue's here's the truck. Now just need to get the trailer done. Enjoy
  4. Be off for awhile gang tested positive today even though we've been in self imposed stay at home for the last 2 weeks. Hope for the best as we're in that targeted age range.
  5. Must be a really fine metal flake in the green. Looking Great.
  6. Just amazing work and a killer looking Blade truck.
  7. I'm not going to pick them up you pick them up I'm not picking them up. I'll pick them up because my hiney's clean Lol funny commercial. Should be a fun build don't forget to wipe What. Your fingerprints off what did you think I was going to say lol. .
  8. I raced 1/24-25 scale models converted into rc cars for less than $150.00. here's a pic of my mac tonight victory to win the quarterly championship in the cup series. And yes the track was big enough that you could create down force so we played a lot with the body lines and spoilers. You could also draft and loosen up another car by drafting and yes we did have some big ones like at Daytona. One car got enough air to leave thru the open window. Sorry about the picture tried to correct it so it was upright. This is racing.
  9. On the rear wheel is just a lightweight Aero cover. Supposed to help with fuel efficiency but more for looks and to waste your money on.
  10. Hot shots as we call them on the road. Drove a local one fun trucks.
  11. Very nice build going on. What shade of green did you use out of curiosity.
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