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  1. Second post: Highlights: P.I.E Freightliner Dromedary daycab, Frame lengthened, kit bashed drom box, Single headlight conversion, air and electrical hook-ups added. P.I.E Nationwide, Box stock Western Star, Double trailers converted to smothside, air and electrical hook-ups added Thanks Rog😁
  2. First post! Highlights Freightliner SD Daycab: Box stock with scratch-built air deflector, Single headlight conversion, air and electrical hook-ups added Peterbilt SD Daycab: cab and chassis shortened, scratch-built air deflector, Single headlight conversion, air and electrical hook-ups added Triple trailers - 2 trailers converted to corrugated sides, 1 trailer box stock, air and electrical hook-ups added. Nothing like waiting until the last second (2 years in a row) but I did enjoy it. Thanks Rog😁
  3. Sometimes I think I was born in a dog pile!, I’m not 100% convinced that I will get mine done. No worries!!! Rog😄
  4. You can enter just the tractor, doesn’t have to have the trailer. your choice. Rog😄
  5. Auslowe Moluminum They have wheels & tires but I’m not sure if they have 1/16 scale Rog😄
  6. Gary, I don’t have a problem with the substitution. I checked the build thread and it was built in this calendar year. If no one else has a problem then you are good to go!! Rog😁
  7. Calling this tractor done., still trying to come up with an air deflectorI will add it if it works out. Rog😁
  8. modeltruckin http://www.modeltruckin.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=131 This is where I get most of my truck decals. Rog😁
  9. I have been working on the decals, they are taking me forever. Also just got back from a week in Florida. Rog😁
  10. I don't know if these two are what you are looking for? https://stinkjones.blogspot.com/2019/01/detroit-diesel-8v92-performance-parts.html https://www.purplewave.com/auction/180809/item/DK9881 Rog😁
  11. That's just a filter bucket, there is no motor. It's for a clothes dryer if you don't have an exterior vent. Rog😁
  12. It would catch the over spray, but I can't see it doing much for the fumes. Rog😁
  13. I was able to get some color on the cabs this week. I think the seam and rivets turned out pretty good. I have also been working on the electric/air hookups and safety chains (attaching PE hooks to that little chain is not easy for my old fingers and eyes🙃). Rog😁
  14. Went to the swap meet in Shepherdsville, KY this morning. Not much of a selection, mostly diecast and slot cars but I did get somethings. Rog
  15. I got these 3 yesterday (Columbus, IN HL), only one's with the orange tag. $22.17, I will take that all day. Rog😁
  16. I have two of the trailers basically done. They just need a few detail parts and clear coat' Also, my parts are starting to trickle in, I got my order from ST Supply yesterday. Rog
  17. I should be back on track. I have everything I need ordered. I was doing some organizing a couple of weeks back and realized I did have another set of the double trailers. I really didn't want everything to look the same, so I have been working on converting them to smooth side. Just need the rivets and final paint. Here are a couple of pictures. Rog😁
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