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  1. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.shapeways.com/product/XWKQJYPJY/1-24-spm-24-004-pintle-hook?optionId=301073162&li=marketplace Shapeways has several different styles just search for “Pintle Hooks”. ST Supply for chains/binders. https://stsupplyco.com/search?q=chain&type=product%2Ccollection%2Carticle%2Cpage&options[unavailable_products]=show&options[prefix]=last Rog😁
  2. I have used them on several builds, they don’t seem to be to thick to me. I used the microsol/set solutions with no issues. They settle around details very well, if you have deep panel lines or body separations you will have to let them dry, slit the film and reapply thr solution Rog😄
  3. Yes, as long as you are a member of the forum you can vote. Your welcome, I didn’t mind doing it. It’s not really a pain, the main problem I had was remembering to keep the entry list updated. You just have to start an official sign up thread with the rules listed. Ask the mods to pin it and give you extended editing privileges. Update the the list as people sign up. As builds were finished I added a link to there under glass topic. The most time consuming thing was compiling all the links to under glass threads and pictures and building the voting poll. I’m not very fast and t only took me about an hour and a half. Rog😁
  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence!! After following the builds all year long and tracking how good all these trucks were I was actually not very confident that I would get any votes. So I had to make sure I got at least one. Seriously, After going through all of the builds, as I was getting everything ready for the vote thread, is when it hit me just how good all of the entries actually were!!! In my opinion the 13 other entries are some of the best trucks to appear on this forum. It just still irks me that the voting participation was so low. Rog😁
  5. I really enjoyed this build. Of course I voted for myself in the BRBO. If it wasn’t for that this would have gotten my vote. Rog😁
  6. And we have a WINNER!!! Congratulations to Dutzie!! He now has bragging rights for the year His IH Cabover, Lowboy trailer & Cat was an excellent build. I want to thank everyone that participated, the quality of this year's line-up was over the top. The only disappointment in this whole process was that this vote thread had almost 500 views and only 45 total votes. I can only hope that in the future this forum will start to show the BIG RIG guys a modicum of support, The time, skill and dedication put into these builds plus the high quality of the results is as much if not more than any other niche on the board!!! Rant over. Thanks Rog😁
  7. Please head over to the Under Glass section and vote for your favorite build. Thanks Rog😁
  8. Please head over to the Under Glass section and vote for your favorite build. Thanks Rog😁
  9. Her are the finalists for the 2022 B.R.O.B Please look over the entries and vote for your favorite build. IMPORTANT- CHECK THE LINE "I ALREADY VOTED IN ANOTHER GROUP" if your choice is in another group.! The poll will be open until 6:00P on 1/9/23 Thanks Rog😁 wayne00 - White Freightliner SD and Double Header trailer Combo (P.I.E.). 5. Mopar - D - “Super Bee Services “KW w/Lowboy Mixer 9. tbill - Pete 378/flatbed 10. Oldmopars - Ford LN8000 Coke Delivery truck 11. Bills72sj - Kenworth T600 Canepa http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_04/1641969990_CanepaFLF.JPG.a29c2aa7c5ccf048403e31321158e329.JPG 15. DRIPTROIT71 - CF Freightliner Pusher 16. doorsovdoon - GMC Astro 18. Dutzie - Cat bulldozer, lowboy trailer, and International cabover 19. Sam I Am - Kenworth W900 EZ Build. 21. JerseeJerry55 - Peterbilt 359 23. landman - Autocar A64B + wrecker body 24. Casey429 - AMT Diamond Reo. 27. Gary Chastain - GMC General Great big thanks to all that participated!!!! Rog
  10. I updated the list. Looks like we have 14 finished builds. I went through the Under Glass thread a couple of times. Please let me know if I missed you!!! I'm not going to have much time tomorrow, but I will try to have the voting up on Monday. Rog😁 Under Glass links in RED List of Entrants: 1. Jhedir6 - Volvo "Iron Knight". 2. wayne00 - White Freightliner SD/DD and Double Header trailer Combo (P.I.E.). Finished 3. Vettegasser - International 4300 to 4200. 4. Pete68 - Withdrawn. 5. Mopar - D - “Super Bee Services “ KW w/Lowboy - Mixer Lowboy 6. kuhnj - Autocar DC/Leach Garbage Truck. 7. catpack68 - International CO-4070A. Withdrawn 8. Bennyg - 1/32 Mack Superliner rebuild. 9. tbill - Pete 378/flatbed. Finished 10. Oldmopars - Ford LN8000 Coke Delivery truck from a Snowplow kit. Finished 11. Bills72sj - Kenworth T600 Canepa (aka American Muscle Car Transport #2). Finished 12. Rusty92 -AMT White Freightliner. 13. WarrenD - Brockway Dump Truck - Finished 14. OldTrucker - GMC Astro 95 & Moving Van. Withdrawn 15. DRIPTROIT71 - CF Freightliner Pusher. - Finished 16. doorsovdoon - GMC Astro. Finished 17. VinceP66 - ? 18. Dutzie - Cat bulldozer, lowboy trailer, and International cabover - Finished 19. Sam I Am - Kenworth W900 EZ Build. Finished 20. steveracer - Autocar Dump Build. Withdrawn 21. JerseeJerry55 - Peterbilt 359. Finished 22. jacobus - Krupp COE. Withdrawn 23. landman - Autocar A64B + wrecker body. Finished 24. Casey429 - AMT Diamond Reo. Finished 25. Smoke Wagon - K100 Aerodyne & Fruehauf FB van. Withdrawn 26. carsntrucks4you - Mack R685ST (AMT) with Tandem Log Jinker (Auslowe) Withdrawn 27. Gary Chastain - Gary Chastain - GMC General . Finished 28. carsntrucks4you - Peterbilt 351 Withdrawn
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