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  1. Updated the entry list. We have 27 entries to date. We have 9 finished projects. If I missed anything just let me know!! Rog😁 Please update your build topic!! Thanks Under Glass links in RED List of Entrants: 1. Jhedir6 - Volvo "Iron Knight". 2. wayne00 - White Freightliner SD/DD and Double Header trailer Combo (P.I.E.). 3. Vettegasser - International 4300 to 4200. 4. Pete68 - Withdrawn. 5. Mopar - D - “Super Bee Services “ KW w/Lowboy - Mixer 6. kuhnj - Autocar DC/Leach Garbage Truck. 7. catpack68 - International CO-4070A. Still need to start a build thread! 8. Bennyg - 1/32 Mack Superliner rebuild. 9. tbill - Pete 378/flatbed. Finished 10. Oldmopars - Ford LN8000 Coke Delivery truck from a Snowplow kit. Finished 11. Bills72sj - Kenworth T600 Canepa (aka American Muscle Car Transport #2). Finished 12. Rusty92 -AMT White Freightliner. 13. WarrenD - Brockway Dump Truck - Finished 14. OldTrucker - GMC Astro 95 & Moving Van. 15. DRIPTROIT71 - CF Freightliner Pusher. - Finished 16. doorsovdoon - GMC Astro. Finished 17. Vince66 - ? 18. Dutzie - Cat bulldozer, lowboy trailer, and International cabover - Finished 19. Sam I Am - Kenworth W900 EZ Build 20. steveracer - Autocar Dump Build. 21. JerseeJerry55 - Peterbilt 359. Finished 22. jacobus - Krupp COE. 23. landman - Autocar A64B + wrecker body. 24. Casey429 - AMT Diamond Reo. 25. Smoke Wagon - K100 Aerodyne & Fruehauf FB van. 26. carsntrucks4you - Mack R685ST (AMT) with Tandem Log Jinker (Auslowe) 27. Gary Chastain - Overnight Express KW. 28. carsntrucks4you - Peterbilt 351
  2. https://www.kamodelminis.com/product-page/international-load-star Rog😁
  3. Have you placed this build Under Glass? If so, I can't find the topic Thanks Rog😁
  4. Can we get an up-date on your project? Thanks Rog😁
  5. Not too late!! Make sure you start a build thread with BRBO 2022 at the start of the title. Rog😁
  6. I am in the market for semi roof top air deflectors. Like the one pictured above. I have no idea how hard they would be to recreate. I would be down for 5 or 6, price depending. Rog😁
  7. You might check O’Reillys, the one here has a great Duplicolor rack. Rog😁
  8. Long over due up-date!! The chassis are done except for the exhaust (the first time I have ever modified a wheel base). Cab modifications are done (the first tine I have ever done that). Two trailers done except for lights and decals. Now the rub, I'm going to have to pause on this project. The last several weeks have been a pain, major (unexpected) home and vehicle repairs have really spanked the wallet and I haven't had much bench or computer time.. I still need to get rivets for the cabs, more decal sets, another set of double trailers and various PE & resin items. I'm working as much OT as I can get but I'm probably a month or more away from feeling comfortable enough to start spending on the hobby again. I can still work on a few things, interiors, lights on the trailer, etc. So I will up-date as I can. Here are some pictures of what I have done. Thanks Rog😁
  9. I use the Varathane poly spray, satin and semigloss. I use it for frames and interiors and have had no issues I have’t used gloss on exterior panels so I can't,t say about that. Rog😁
  10. Three Inches Under https://www.threeinchesunder.com/search?q=Siren https://www.threeinchesunder.com/search?q=Light Rog😁
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/294279755025 https://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/sms/sms8055.htm Found these on a quick search, google can be your friend. Rog😁
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