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  1. Well this was certainly a nice surprise👍. I wasn't expecting a pickup roadster that has a beautiful paint job and love the color. It suits the build perfectly. And I am a big wheel/tire guy, so I love your choice. The only complaint I have is that there aren't nearly enough pics to enjoy the full scope of your build. More pics would certainly be appreciated. Dave
  2. @Maindrian Pace Yes sir. I pretty much made everything as the scale was so much bigger, 1/24, than all that was available, and I even stretched it a bit more to get the look I wanted. I made the doors, roof and trunk lid too, as well as the body, using any pieces I could find that I could make work. I was a lot of fun and very challenging too. I've been an artist and engineer all my life, so both came in handy at scratch-building things. Nothing like a great challenge
  3. Thank you so much. Actually @Maindrian Pace only the grill, bumpers, dash, steering wheel and chrome eyebrows came from the diecast limo. The body you see was hand made of plastic and body filler. Sorry if my explanation confused you. Dave
  4. Thank you for all your generous comments. I'm very grateful . Dave
  5. Lot's of great comments and responses are all very much appreciated . Thank you all .
  6. @lucky 130 Thank you. FYI. There were 2 Lincoln body styles made in 1950. The "lido" and the "Capri." The Cosmopolitan "Lido" was a 1950 Mercury "Lincolnized" with a Lincoln front clip but still retaining the side "dip" you mentioned. See 2nd pic below in kind of a grayish/brown color. The one I created is the flat sided Cosmopolitan "Capri", see pic below in blue, with the chrome "eyelids" over each wheel well opening. Kind of a plain ugly sort of car, but I saw potential.
  7. Once every several years I run across some car part, like a bumper or grill, that inspires me to build a car. Sometimes the car turns out to be mostly handmade with the added pieces to complete the build. In this case it was a 1/24 presidential 1950 Lincoln limousine glass bubble top diecast, and the beautiful front bumper and grill, but especially that rear incredibly looong bumper and beautiful continental kit combination. I couldn't resist all that. So I pretty much hand made the body, modified a whole lot of pieces for the chassis and interior, and gave it a garnet red pearl meta
  8. Several of you mentioned the color combination.. This is one I've use a few times, but it has to be the right car to use these colors. Every car needs the right color to make it "POP." I don't always get it right, but I try. Sometimes ya just have to go for it. Make it or break it time 🤪. Thanks again for all the great comments. Much appreciated. Dave
  9. Hi @JollySipper Paint formulas have changed a lot the last 10 years or so. For me I always test my choices on a scrap sample before doing my "KEEPER." When I use clear many of my paints flatten a bit, so I usually give my sample, or car 2 to 3 coats of clear and let it dry a few days, then try polishing it. Paints don't play together as nice as they used to, even DupliColor paints have changed. If your using rattle cans, let the can warm up over night somewhere indoors to room temperature if your paint is stored outside. The paint flows much nicer. Good luck Dave
  10. You @Venom and others here are so gracious in your compliments. Thank you so much. For me, I just enjoy my ability to have fun and relax while involved with this hobby in my retirement, and interact with others here who are so highly skilled beyond me. I consider myself blessed to just enjoy myself, and have enough reasonable skills to be half-way decent at it, and be able to share here. Dave
  11. Years ago many of us were putting incomplete kits together using Modelhaus pieces before they went out of business.. At the time I never dreamed that would happen. Many of us are glad we stashed these parts to restore the kits we collected. To bad their gone. What a gift they were to the car modeling community for years. Lot's of fun because of that little cottage industry, and were still getting to enjoy their contribution many years later. Thanks Modelhaus
  12. @NOBLNG my model building friend. No pinning needed. Years ago when I was in the custom machining trade, I had to make fixtures and stops for machining custom one-off parts from stock metal pieces, but the fixtures and stops I made had to be able to be disassembled from the vise holding the parts. It took a big carpenters metal hammer, and a big hefty swing, sometimes a couple times to drive the parts loose that were CA glued to the vise. I knew I had stumbled onto something I could use in my model building, and the rest is history. Some solvents leave a residue, so I use
  13. You live in a world in your head that doesn't exist for the rest of us, and that's what makes model building so much fun, and so cool, when there is such a variety of imagination, talent and skills. Your work stands out here and really grabs our attention. I love how we all have different ways to approach this hobby and make it so much fun for ourselves and others. Beautiful work on everything my friend, and a real treat for me to enjoy. Dave
  14. @Daxman I love it when people think outside the box. Sounds like this isn't your first here like this. I'm a "newbie", so I'll keep my eye's open for more. Great idea and execution. Love the colors and the whole look is just "Killer." Dave
  15. Thanks everyone for the nice comments for a "Newbie" here. Much appreciated .
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