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  1. I hope I'm not giving you guys too much to look at, what can I say, I like to share. This is kind of odd for me as I am a Ford guy by nature. Anyway, these were both built from the R/M Yenko kit. The orange one is box stock with the exception of Cady decals, which I had to purchase after the second paint failure (no more Testors, I'm duplicolor faithful after this little episode). I built the white one from a spare Yenko kit I had after the first paint failure. The white one uses the kit block, heads and ignition with AMT '69 Chevelle valve covers, '72 Nova intake, kit carbs, and '70 Roadrunne
  2. I have to apologize to you guys. Through all my yammering :oops: I should have made it more clear that this car was not painted with an airbrush. It's straight from the rattecan. Normally I don't have this problem with metallics, but this is just how this one came out. You'd think I'd have learned to stick to duplicolor by now. Because of the work in the basement, the airbrush and compesor are packed away and I can't use them. Anyway, thanks Bill, for your airbrush tips. At least I can put them to use someday.
  3. Thanks Guys. I don't mind constructive criticism at all. As for the clear coat conundrum, this car DOES have clear on it. 3 or 4 coats, I can't remember exactly. It's just that, the paint can lid looks Just like Verdoro green, but it came out like this. The paint actually has a very heavy flake in it, and even with the clear, it has a dull, lumpy appearance in the photos. I have an airbrush, but my workbench is only operating at about 60%, alot of my stuff is packed away while we're doing work in the cellar. It looks quite good in person. The only other paint problem I had was a few fisheyes d
  4. Extremely nice! I saw it while I was browsing your site last night and knew it had to be new, I've never seen it before. That's the way a work truck should be, ready for action.
  5. Hi everyone, here's my latest build, an OOB Revell kit that builds up quite nicely. When I first bought the paint, the lid was almost dead on for Verdoro Green, but it came out like this. No more Plasti-Kote rattlecans for me! I still like the color and would like to use it on a street rod or something. I posted this on another board I frequent and it kinda went over like a lead balloon. I figured this is a more laid back place and I might get a better response.
  6. Not really my first post here, just my first car. I've been building since I was about six yers old, and am now just weeks away from getting my learners permit. Anyway, It's AMT's '67 fastak basically OOB, with the exception of MRC Keystone wheels and a 390/4-spd from the AMT Merc Cyclone. Paint is Krylon gloss black with 3 or 4 coats of clear.
  7. You could use it in a 2070 IH, more commonly known as the Fleetstar(Grandpap had one, yup 6-71 power too). I think it was MTFACO that made it, but I'm not sure. You could also use it in a AITM Brockway 761, there was one of those 6-71 powered at the ATHS show in New Stanton.
  8. Here's another build for you. This time it's an Italeri 378. This one has some meanig to it though. My dad is a veteran truck driver of almost 35 years now. He's only had three brand new trucks in that whole time. His 2000 379 is number three. Right after he got it I spied the kit at the LHS. At the time, I didn't know the differences, so about all thats the same compared to his truck is the paintjob and rear fenders. The fenders and square horns are from the Revell Pete wrecker. Anyway, here's my version (yes, I know the pass. turn signal is missing, and it annoys me to no end). I pain
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys. Bigtruck, and the rest of you, if you want I can make up a tutorial to show how I made the headliner.
  10. Hey everyone, I promised pics and now I deliver. Heres my 352 from the reissue. It's built mosly out of the box, but I did scratchbuild a tuck n' roll headliner that mimicks the original. Its green inside and out. since this was my first COE, I got frustrated at the cab hinges, so it doesn't tilt to show off the 8v-71. I used a tip from Tim's website by foiling the Peterbilt ovals, coloing with a sharpie and then sanding. I made the PA liscense plate on the computer.
  11. Nice. I think these were some of the best looking Brockways ever made, with the Mack cab. Followed by the 300 series Brockway trucks. I'm following this one til its done.
  12. Nice work, Tim. Actually all of yours are nice! I frequent your sites often, just too look around. But, I digress.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but spy a few familiar names. I've been building about 10 years now, and love almost every minute of it. Mostly I build muscle cars but have been known to dabble in the occasional big rig (Mostly Red Ovals) or pickup. At the moment, I don't have any pics of my big rig builds, but I'll have them soon, I promise. Right now, heres some pics maybe some of you can use for inspiration. http://s61.photobucket.com/albums/h68/Casey429/ATHS/ these were taken at the ATHS show at New Stanton KW in PA. My favorite was this '77 Pete 359, with a KTA Cummins.
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