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  1. Here's a few pics of the cleaned parts as you can see theres plenty of corrosion in the bath but the parts cleaned up fairly well after a scrub with a toothbrush
  2. Hey fellas im back on this one and should have pics by tomarrow. Had lots of oxidation that needed to be cleaned up because I didn't prime the parts but a quick soak in white vinegar fixed that. see ya tomarrow.
  3. Chris this build is KICKASS im glad to see youre still moving forward on it keep up the good work......127 pages wow!
  4. Outstanding work Clay good to see you're still working on this one.
  5. Thanks to all of you who shared your condolences and your welcoming me back it is good to be back at the bench
  6. Wow looks like I got back just in time to see another masterpiece being crafted ...... amaze us John!
  7. Hey fellas Ive been gone awhile had some life turning events that force me to stop building, I've lost a lot in the past year including my wife and business. So I have been getting back to being me finding myself all over again, the one thing that has stood true for me though out is my love for model building. My mouth has been watering so to speak to get back to work. So i'm gonna keep this short and get back to work. I'll be posting my project here within the next day or so. Take care my brothers and i'm looking forward to building with you again.
  8. thanks for the support Kennyboy
  9. You are 100% correct When I got this one it was used and the red paint was in bad shape , I stripped it down to bare metal and re finished it. My next project is gonna be the pocher 911 and I'll do a full detail on that also.
  10. outstanding job Chris I cant wait to see this thing finished and in person!
  11. Hey fellas I know ive been gone a while but I just got back on this project I have a few up dates and i'll start posting more regularly from here on out. ok once I pulled the project out of storage I had a just a couple things I needed to repair it was just a couple suspension issue that were easily fixed. then I painted the body parts which came out fabulous except for the clear on the rear spoiler which ill be fixing tonight anyway enough said heres some pics for ya. here the broken rear shock. heres the hood and roof paint
  12. Im still here I just havent been able to build hopefully I'll be back on this real soon.
  13. Nice job on your four link set up Art cant wait to see this one up close and personal
  14. Ive been around just haven't been building lately, I still haven't been able to put my shop together in the new house. But I stop in every now and then to see what going on seeing your build has me home sick ( so to speak) LOL! keep up the excellent work!
  15. Great job Joe I had to go back thru and see what all I missed , Glad I did Im lovin this build buddy! Keep up the outstanding work!
  16. These are outstanding but I think you would have a better chance of selling them if you consign or sell them to a truck stop or somewhere they specialize in that type of item
  17. I no longer own this project so its in Vinces hands now and I know he'll do it proud.
  18. This is my primered beauty a 1/8 scale Pocher F40 with trans kit
  19. man Greg I love comming back to check out your progress it looks outstanding Brother!!!!
  20. That's outstanding Mike I cant wait to see you accomplish more. Keep up the good work
  21. Thanks Mike I'm working on getting my stuff unpacked now so I should be up and building again in a week or so. sounds like you got a really good deal with your pocher trade. I'm saving up my penny's too because I want to build the Porsche 993 next
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