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  1. Thanks Justin and I agree with ya wholeheartedly we need more large scale kits
  2. This build is so kool Im loving it......I noticed your train layout too what scale is it? I had a very nice "N" scale setup a couple years ago man I miss that. Anyway keep up the excellent work I cant wait to see this all finished up.
  3. Hey thanks Greg ol buddy for the update I sure love these "Z" cars your building , keep up the excellent and thanks for thinking of me! oh and if you check out my Daytona build there is a tutorial on seat belts that tell you which madical tape to purchase cant tell you what page it is though LOL!
  4. Ok now that all the hoopla has blown over let me point out some things you could have done better.......Now as for that motor of yours.....ok I'll admit that was done perfect.....but that paint job! (well i guess I have to admit that was perfect too) ok I know the wheels.....(now that i think about it there was nothing wrong there either) ........in fact they were perfect too... ok ok I got it the parachute (humf done perfect too)..... Well let this be a lesson to you Bill and I hope I was able to point out somethings for you to work on next time. LOL!
  5. John I just read this from page 1 to page 22 smiling the whole way , this build is beautiful Bro, and I cant wait to see it in person. Job well done!
  6. Hey Gilbert Thanks for the compliment brother I cant wait to get back on it! Man I hate moving!!
  7. Try getting a PhotoBucket account it easy to load pics and the account is free (unless you load a ton of pics) and is there a website to Mark Johnson's products?
  8. Great work! thanks for sharing it with us.
  9. Man! I did not mean to be off this project so long , im gonna get back on it as soon as the shop is up and running.
  10. Chris you have done an outstanding job on this build bro , sorry for not commenting much but I've been struggling with posting here lately but I'll continue to look in on your project keep up the great work.
  11. Nah I got it off a website, its a Snap On promo , so is the tool box
  12. That's gonna be one happy plastic fanatic !!!!
  13. Hey Bro is good to see you back on this one (any chance we can get a peek at that RB26DETT ???)
  14. Wow Bryan I just went thru the whole thread and I'm glad i went for the ride excellent work so far bro keep up the outstanding work!
  15. I'm gonna have to get my hands on one of these for my Ferrari collection !!!! Job well done Davey
  16. Ummm no she doesn't and I'd like to keep it that way if you don't mind Bill LOL!! I'll be moving so I wont be posting for a couple weeks at least until i get my new work room set up. I hate moving! but this will hopefully be the last time, the wife and I just bought a new house so now I'm packing everything up. I'll talk to you guys soon.
  17. Hey Skip its actually a grey ladies stocking and the material on the seats is a red one LOL! Thank for the compliment Bill, yes sir! And I'm getting pretty excited about being so close to finishing just the little details to get into now .
  18. Hey fellas i was able to get a Lil more done today , I worked on the truck area where I installed the brake master cylinder and lines. I also picked up a 1/8th scale Snap-On floor lift just like the ones used in Ferrari shops. The car is matt black right now until I can get the gloss coats on. anyway nough said on to the pics....... I scratched up a new roll bar from brass, because the plastic one that came with the car broke here's the work done to the trunk area..... almost forgot i need to cover that screw...... like I always say details , details there's always more before you're finished.... interior pics of the dash and seats in place.... i need to repaint that steering wheel too... lastly here's the floor jack i will display this build on.... thanks for tuning in see ya real soon
  19. Hey thanks Bart! I didnt use a site because the trans kit come with a bunch of reference pictures and I used those. Thanks tyrone glad you can enjoy this Brah!
  20. Thanks fellas for your sincere compliments ...... I was able to get some work done over the past few days but I wasnt able to post any of it due to my internet being down, so heres what I have for ya. I put togetther the racing harnesses , fuel tanks , and the tail light pan. the clips on the harnesses actualy work too..... I hope you enjoy. Clip closed ...... clip opened.... fuel tanks after soldering.... now painted..... and in place. this is how its protected from dust at night.... with a real ferrari cover thanks for joining me..............
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