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  1. Nice truck! Great color combo, wheels, and the big tailgate hinges are a cool touch!
  2. Lookin' gooood! It makes me appreciate how much work goes into chopping a top. I wouldn't attempt it! Very nice work!!
  3. Wow! That looks meaner than a junkyard dog, Leroy....uh...I mean Geezerman! Nice job! Sam
  4. In 50 years of building models, this is my first one in pink! This is a rescued ebay beater with a few mild custom touches, patterned after a real 55 Vic my wife fell in love with at a car show. I used the kit custom grille and taillights, and scratch built a rear bumper extension for the continental spare from the junk box. Skirts are cut down 49 Ford units. Krylon paint with Testors clear. Many fit issues - the doors don't fit & close right, the roof molding fits poorly and it moved while the glue was drying. I'll fix it later. I had no windshield or back windows, so I made them from plastic from a strawberry container. I made paper templates, then cut out the plastic and rolled the ends around a dowel rod for the curves. It worked! It's a less than perfect model, but I'm tired of messing with it! Looks like it's on a rocky beach, but it's my driveway! Yes, the carpeting is pink too, but has black floor mats made from masking tape. Here's the OOPS! on the molding. Dang it! Here's the owner. Her name is Vickie, too, and she LOVES pink! She just stopped at Johnson's market for a few groceries. That's George on the sidewalk, admiring both the Vickie's! I hope you like the Vickie! Thanks, Sam
  5. Now that's how a rod should look! Well done!
  6. Wow! That's amazing work! He must buy styrene by the ton!
  7. OK, I'm trying it again. Sorry to waste space. I can delete the post later. This should be a Deuce and a T in my diorama. Hey it works! Thanks, Mr. obsessive & others!
  8. I've already got a Flickr account. I pasted a link here to a photo there as a test. If it works you'll see a 32 Ford coupe. http://www.flickr.com/photos/12482094@N07/3811941312/ I hit "preview post" and it shows a link, but not the actual photo. I see others' photos whenever I click on the post title. Is Flickr different, or am I still screwing up?
  9. Well, I've been on this forum for one week and when I try to post photos it says I've used up my allotted space. I must have done something wrong. Can someone help me get more space or ???? Thanks, Sam
  10. Here's a 37 Ford I got at a yard sale for $5.00, new in the box! It's built mostly out of the box with just a few mods. I left off the door handles, added some bullet taillights, and used a pair of skirts from an old AMT 36 Ford. I used a heat gun (verrry carefully!) to curve the rear edges to match the 37's fenders. Paint is Testors Competition orange and silver with a coat of clear. No engine detail - it's hard to see it in that tight compartment anyway. I like this kit. It went together well! Thanks for looking. Sam
  11. Eelco, your 53 is a beauty! I like the color combo. The trailer is nice, too. I hope you have enough power to tow that beast! I'm not sure where the pipes on mine came from. I'm thinking they were from an old AMT 32 Ford coupe or maybe 40 Ford kit from the 1960's. They were in my ancient parts box. I'm glad you like my truck. Thanks. Sam
  12. Yes, rebuilding can be tedious, especially correcting my old mistakes and poor craftsmanship. Many of my models are so old that the glue joints are letting go, so disassembly is easy. The 53 came apart easily with only one stubborn glue joint under the cab. I found the custom grille among my old parts and didn't realize it had come with the 53 till I saw it on the old instruction sheet. I saved nearly all the instructions from years ago, and they are handy to have sometimes. Thanks for all the compliments, guys. I appreciate them. Sam
  13. Beautiful model of one of Ford's best! I love the Galaxies. Great color, and killer interior work. Are those door locks I see? Nice touch! Sam
  14. Looks good so far, Charlz! Was that Corvair engine set up for reverse rotation on the real car? Or maybe it used a non-Corvair transaxle? I've often thought of building a T bucket rod with front drive using a Corvair engine/transaxle. The lack of a radiator would allow for a sloping hood and streamlined nose with maybe a flat "shelf" over the tranny like a 37 Cord. Crazy, huh? Sam
  15. That's gonna be nice! I love 32's! How about gloss black paint with some flames? Sam
  16. Hey, guys, Here's a model I built as a teen and rebuilt this May. The original was box stock, painted blue with blue window tint. (see inset in first photo). It remained untouched till now. I found a chassis from an old AMT 57 Ford hardtop in my parts boxes, and decided to graft the steerable front end to the 53's frame. It was fairly easy to do with just a bit of hacking to the inner fenders to make it fit. The stock flathead was replaced by a Ford 302 from the Revell 32 Ford roadster kit. I made coil springs from magnet wire. The truck probably would ride better than it did with the stock leaf springs & solid axle! Please excuse the balsa dust in the 2nd photo. I build R/C planes, too. The grille is from the 53 kit and I cut down a parts box roll pan for the rear with parts box lights. The wheels came from eBay. The exhaust pipes are from the parts box with brass tube tips. Paint is Krylon spray cans. For my car show diorama, I found a Kawasaki Ninja diecast among my son's old toys, and painted it to match the Ford. Here's a spectator checking it out. Thanks for looking. I hope you like it! Oops! 1st photo was wrong. I put the right one in. Sam
  17. Shortly after I got back into model cars in 2003, I built this revell Deuce (GREAT kit, BTW!) with a few mods. I used a metal front suspension from R&D Unique, I think. I had to spread the frame rails a bit to make it fit. I channeled the body just halfway down over the frame. Highboys seem a bit too high, and dropping it any farther down would have the grill shell dragging (I'm too lazy to section it). Instead of the Ford 302 in the kit, I dropped in an ancient hemi, I think from an original AMT 32, circa 1960. I got a prewired distributor - great for an old man like me. Just glue it in, clip the wires and stick 'em in the holes! The top is from an old AMT 32, too. Yeah, I know, the top supports are missing! Everything else is from the kit. Paint is Testors metallic purple over a silver base. I hope you like it. It's one of my favorites. I must have built about a dozen 32 Fords "back in the day"! Thanks, Sam
  18. Tim, that is incredible workmanship and creativity! I love the 59 Chevy. It looks like you used the custom tailgate from the 59 El Camino kit blended into the rear end. Great idea! The front is nice too. Looks like a Mercury grille? Very creative! Sam
  19. Man, those colors really grab your attention! Very nice! Sam
  20. Welcome, Charlzrocks, from another old guy that just got back into model cars. Your builds look great! My memory fails me - what's the blue car with the cool trailer? Sam
  21. Hi, everyone, I just joined the forum after lurking for a few weeks. I'm amazed by the skill and creativity I've seen here. You guys rock! My user name, Sixties Sam, has a dual meaning. My name is Sam, and as of a month ago, I am in my sixties, and the heyday of my car modeling was in the 1960's when I was a teenager. I built literally hundreds of them in those days. I got married in 1971, and discovered R/C model planes, and didn't build model cars for 30 years (I still build & fly planes). I gave away most of my car models to a nephew and some neighbor kids who no doubt destroyed most of them! I did keep about 40 of them in an old china cabinet at my mom's house, safe from my own two sons over the years. Mom died in 2005, and the cars finally came to my house. In 2003, I saw a Revell '32 Ford coupe kit on sale for 5 bucks, bought it, built it, and rediscovered the fun of car models. Since then I've rebuilt some of my old cars, including the 1963 original issue Big Deuce in my avatar. I've also built about 6 new kits. I love the hot rods - T buckets, '32, '37, '49 & '50 Fords, etc. In 2006, I built a real teardrop camper trailer, then made a 1/25 scale model of it, as well as the Chrysler Sebring, and PT Cruiser I tow it with. I'll be posting pics of my builds soon. Meanwhile, here is a link to my Flickr album which shows a diorama I just finished of a downtown car show similar to many in this area. There are a couple shots of the model teardrop in the Teardrop Trailer photo set there too. http://flickr.com/photos/12482094@N07/ See ya, Sam Stitzer
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