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  1. I agree.... Some of those "ladies" seem "borderline" to me. If I was Tom, I don't think I'd be snapping lots of pics of female subject matter in that age bracket....As they say..."15 will get you 20"... I Know it's all quite harmless, but you know how some townsfolk get about young girls and older guys with cameras....It just doesn't look good. Sounds like a court case just waiting to happen...
  2. I pop back and forth between several forums...Hobby heaven/Spotlight was the first forum I began posting on, but then I was told about this place and found the seperate categories here, a bit easier to sort through...I still lurk and occasionally post at Spotlight, but MCM is kind of my home base Forum. Yes, I also visit SA from time to time.....[there!! I said it!].....I do enjoy seeing Clay Kemp's work and a couple other guys who post there, [but I don't have an account to post topics or comments]. I prefer the MCM format for posting....especially pics. I think at SA you can only post 2
  3. I wonder if it's the same guy from way back when, or just somebody who has "revived" the "Randy Lammers" name for additional trolling use. I've heard Tom has recently banned a bunch of people, perhaps that's why there's a sudden increase in nonsense there lately? I haven't posted much there lately, but I've lurked from time to time and seen some weird names/handles popping up and causing issues.
  4. The spotlight message board get's bombed on a daily basis by trolls and disgruntled/banned ex-users... This is nothing new, folks. Once this "Lammers" guy get's banned, he'll come back as somebody different, and the saga will continue. Like I said, it's a daily issue over there. "Lammers" is just the current "Troll of the day".......Tomorrow it'll be somebody like...."Lenny Roberts"......or the like. Personally, I think they like the entertainment and nonsense over there. otherwise a strict memeber registration/log in process would be required in order to post, but that has never
  5. True, you have to be careful with the meds. I usually avoid them as well if I can. I have to be pretty bad off to start downing the pills. I hate some of the side effects and such. Sometimes it's necessary though....Good luck with your hip surgery recovery. I can imagine it must be painful at times..
  6. Meds are awesome....It's best to take em by the handful and not by the recommended dosage in order to achieve the maximum effect....
  7. None of my threads are ever complete without an appearance and contribution from Johnnymeister...Thanks ole' chap.... This thread is a wrap!!................... Oh, one last thing... what are "polotitions"?....
  8. It's "You're" right........Not "your" right. Am I getting to you yet?......
  9. My thread is your thread....If you want to post your machined 1/8 scale stuff here, that's fine. No offense taken..I'm open to hijacks....[just as long as the're cool hijacks..].. This is the internet. All threads are fair game. Do with it what you will. I just started this thread to let a few folks know there was other ways to build a few things....[primarilly in 1/25th, since that's the scale I tend to build in.] I'll be moving onto the Tips & tricks section to add the tutorials later in the year, so this thread is all yours........Enjoy....Regards, Jeff
  10. Beautiful work!!.....Yeah, when you get into the huge scale stuff, parts fabrication can be a whole different ball game in some regards. My thread isn't a slam at the big scale guys or a hidden challenge of the "hand tool guys" vs the "Milling and lathe machine guys"..... My thread was to offer another option to those who were misconstrued into thinking that without lots of money and high-end equipment, building nicely detailed replicas was something that was out of reach. If this thread turns into a pissing match of that sort of thing, I'll have nothing to do with it. Anyone who
  11. I've hardly had any bench time this summer, but things tend to slow down for me in the colder months, so I hope to get to some tutorials that will cover some of the scratchbuilt metal parts I have used like block and pin steering linkages, Front struts & coilovers, driveshafts, U-joints, simple rack and pinion streering, Fuel cells, 4-links, etc... Most of this stuff can be created with K&S aluminum stock and hardware store aluminum sheet and bar...It's very inexpensive, but it can be time consuming until you get comfortable working small, and develop a groove or "system" that works
  12. I've seen alot of discussion here lately about building highly detailed stuff and the misconception of needing lots of money and/or state of the art-high tech milling machines and lathes etc, in order to get the job done. Yes, being able to afford all those pre-made, pre-packaged, mass produced, detailing products certainly makes things easier, as well as being one of the select few who own and operate some of those high tech milling machines, but there ARE other options in case you're not one of those individuals that fall into that small group of folks that I just mentioned. I've been
  13. I just keep my finished stuff in dust free plastic cases in a closet in my work room......Nobody wants to see my finished junk anyway, so the closet is a good place to keep them out of the way and protected from getting knocked over and such.
  14. It's one of those ugly, yet cool cars......Great job on the model!
  15. And when you're looking for your freedom (Nobody seems to care) And you can't find the door (Can't find it anywhere) When there's nothing to believe in Still you're coming back, you're running back You're coming back for more So put me on a highway And show me a sign And take it to the limit one more time Take it to the limit Take it to the limit Take it to the limit one more time
  16. What does "dodn't" mean?.... Perhaps your spelling needs some "doctoring"?... Yes?...
  17. Why thanks professor Holt!...I never would have figured that out on my own. Good to know whenever I post, You're never far behind to lend assistance and a helping hand. Good work!! Personally, I think this has been a healthy discussion so far....Perhaps now that you and I are here, we may soon learn the limitations of this thread...
  18. Perhaps I need to get a "lifelock" contract...
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