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  1. Now that's a good looking TKM!! I know all about TKM resins and boy, calling them rough is an understatement. Those things are blocks of soap.. You must have had some serious dedication and tenacity to see this one through.....Nice work!! Love the fabrication and craftsmanship of things...My hat is off to you, Sir..Job well done...
  2. If you're interested in a good quality resin subject, give these guys a try....You won't have to worry about whether what shows up at your door step is usable or not. These products are very nice and won't require as much repair work to get things right and looking good.. http://www.modelhaus.com/
  3. It's a bit of a gamble at best..Some of the products are ok and some are full of pinholes and imperfections. The vacuum formed windows that come with the bodies are pretty much worthless, and the interior tubs are thin and ill fitting. Can they be built into a respectable model?....well, yes but it takes a little doing... Here's a '53 buick I did using an R&R resin. It needed a ton of work but it turned out ok after about a month of bodywork and fixing things. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33411 I don't know about a direct link to the caster
  4. These are the only pics I could find of this thing...It's about 5 years old so most of the images I had have been deleted and removed from my computer. If I find anymore images I'll post them here....I may have some others laying around the basement.....Regards, Jeff
  5. You're a braver man than I attempting to wet-sand metallic color coats... I generally have never had good results from polishing metallic/pearl bases. NON metallic is fine, but with metal flake/pearl stuff I tend to shy away from hitting the color coats with the polishing grits...I only do that if theres a dust bunny that needs to go...then I'll re-shoot the car with another light coat to blend it all back together... Anyway to each their own I guess....I wasn't looking to create an issue here but just noticed that the body had to have been polished somewhat.....Jeff
  6. Cruz, are you sure that paint hasn't been polished at all in that outdoor pic? I can see what appears to be a bit of "burn-through" on the door handle from the polishing cloths...That body sure looks polished to me in the outside pic...
  7. Hey, you got any "mountain dew" in the back of that thing?.... Draws a little too much attention to be a good "shine-run" car..... ...
  8. Love the outdoor photo shoot...that looks cool!! There's a guy in my neighborhood that has one similar but it's green... He still uses it as his daily driver...Anyway, Nice model!!
  9. Nice Pro mod Wayne, Very eye catching and lots of detail...Very cool!!
  10. Thanks George, I tried to simulate the neumatic shifter style trans here that uses the C/02 to shift the gears instead of the typical mechanical levers... For those interested in more info on Lenco transmissions and some good reference pics for modeling ideas, here's the Lenco website.. http://www.lencoracing.com/
  11. I scraped up a few more old pics of this thing...They are grainy with poor pixel quality, but these are the only other usable images I could find..
  12. Ah ok, yeah, the black '46 chevy was lost in the mail a year or two ago...This green ford here was sold off on ebay a while back.
  13. Thanks, the "dust plugs" were removable as well..I can't find any pics I took of the car with them removed, but I'll look and see if I have any laying around somewhere. I no longer own the model, so unfortunately, I can't take any updated images. If this model ever got into a magazine I never knew about it...I had it a couple of old shows, but I never heard of it ever being in a magazine before.
  14. Thanks man, the body was sort of a compilation of paints and ideas...I wasn't sure what to do with it, but at least it was a good exercise in traditional flame painting practice..It was an old glue bomb that had the doors already partially opened up, so I just finished cutting them, hinged them, and called it done. I did try to organize the detailing and had an overall plan for that part of the build...The body was more of a "shoot from the hip" thing. Glad you like it..
  15. Now that's a cool cop-car...I like that one alot. Very nice.. I'd have to go and commit a misdemeanor so I could get to ride around town in it...
  16. Nice work!! that's a very clean and precise 24 hr build... Heck, it takes me over 24 hrs just to get a model up on it's wheels and sitting straight...LOL.
  17. I don't really have a favorite model...I just build stuff and move onto the next one..I sell off most of my work, so I try not to become too attached to any particluar one. I did have alot of fun building the "Christine" Pro mod race car..It's not my best work, but it turned out well for the most part, and was a good experience for me trying a few different building techniques.
  18. Ok Terry, you asked for it, so here goes... First of all,.... I like em, second of all,.... I like em, and third,....Did I mention I like em?.. Nice clean, work!!
  19. Good work.... There's absolutely no reason in hell why somebody would go and create a new account, using the name of a Banned member other than to cause trouble.. Somebody needs to go and get the noose, and hang this idiot from the nearest tree before he even gets his first post in!!
  20. Looks we have some clown trying to start up a troll account using a variation of "Mustang 3.8" Here's a link to to the "new account user"...[note the "extra period' after "mustang" and before the "3.8".....clever and stupid all at once.... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showuser=6662 Ban this fool!!
  21. Wait a sec, folks......Nobody attacked anyone here....The TS asked what was possibly wrong with the model...A few of us responded and pointed out some flaws...Simple and to the point... It was not a degrading and insulting beatdown on the TS.. Let's please not turn this into a pissing match.....
  22. Well, from what I can see there's seams left on the front tires, the rear tires are out of shape/roundness, Part of the frame is lying on the ground. The exposed and very visible battery has no detailing, the engine has way too much chrome and no basic plumbing at all, which gives it a very toyish like appearance. The roll bar is too low to protect the driver, and has a very bumpy and rough finish.. If this was a real and functioning rail, the sharp angular bends in the zoomie pipes isn't going to help engine performance very much. There's seams left on the rear shocks,
  23. LOL..Yeppers, I'm finding out that a ball peen hammer works great on fixing multiple imperfections at once!! A few whacks here and there and things really improve quickly....
  24. Hope to be getting back to this one soon..Had to revamp my work bench area after some housing repairs...More to come.
  25. I guess I'm sort of creative, but alot of my finished stuff doesn't look all that great. So what's most important to me, is that I try and continue to get better a little at a time. At 40 years old, I'm still fairly young, so I hope to still have some time left to try and improve on things..
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