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  1. I dunno maybe it's just me, But this thread seems to have a little bit of a sarcastic flavor to it. With all the craziness that's going here lately, this thread made me chuckle a little I know you mean well, and I appreciate you taking the time to post this, but it did put a bit of a grin on my face.
  2. I echo Mark's thoughts here......I'm very curious to hear more on this alleged 1/25 scale working engine. Would love to hear about how the entire rotating assembly was done, as well as a working valve train, fuel system, ignition system, piston rings, valve springs, etc.... Any pics or vids to help confirm?
  3. It's kinda like downhill skiing........Fast, explosive, and on the verge of losing control... Walking the razor's edge is never easy...Yikes..
  4. Yeah, I've got my seatbelt fastened for this one. Caution!! speed bumps ahead!!.
  5. I was thinking the same thing as I read through this thread...... It's like "Treehugger-gate" all over again...LOL... "THD-2.0"..
  6. Well, I'll see you back here at dinner time....Have to head downtown today, but at least it's friday, so I get to sleep in a little over the weekend, which means I can stay up late and entertain folks here...
  7. Yeppers, nothing like a good breakfast and fresh-ground coffee beans. Still a little sleepy I guess?....You forgot to capitalize your second "I". No matter.....Da spelling on dis foroom haz bin pour laytly...
  8. Song title Pat, The song title..........Ah, never mind. Come on now, drink that mornin coffee down and wake up, son.....This was an easy brain teaser. We'll try it again later...
  9. Thanks Brett, yeah, they do look pretty good..I don't see many pin holes at all. I could have fun building a couple of those. Some of the pro mod bodies I had in the past looked like swiss cheese the pin holes where so bad. These look good...... Nice!
  10. Now those are some cool bodies...Looks like nice quality as well.
  11. I jus luv heering da sizzel and da smell of kandian bakon grillin in da morning... Yum yum in da Tum.....
  12. Very cool.....Nice work!! I like the two-tone paint.
  13. "Norbie"....is actually Art Anderson, and John K. Dezan is his pupil/young-Jedi that was chosen and "taught" the secret painting method, and the galactic powers of the model car building force.....LOL. I'm not sure what all the hub-bub about this "Norbie" sillyness is....There's nothing really secret about it. Alot of folks have used variations of the "Norbie" stuff for years... And yes, the famous model car "A-Rake"..[nose slammed down in the weeds, tail end up in the air}............I remember that look in the 1:1 world from the late 70's and 80's when the Hi-jacker shocks were the big
  14. Thanks for the info Mike... Looking forward to seeing this project completed.....Great job so far. If I can get a little extra bench time in this week, I may get started on my galaxy kit.
  15. Looks great Mike, I was planning on doing my version with the stock parts, but I like the lowered look you have going. I may do a mild drop but will still use the stock wheels/tires. I have used the bodies in this kit before for other various projects, but never actually built a complete kit with all the parts. The tooling does look great and well done. Last question I have is how are the metal transfers? They look real nice in the kit but I've heard that they have adhesive issues and come loose. Are you using them on your version? or did you use strip styrene and BMF as an alternative?
  16. Nice work.. I like what you've done with the interior, but why does the steering wheel appear to be nearly touching the seat? Do you have the column fully mounted all the way, or is it just laying in position for mock up purposes? It just looks a little too low to be realistic. The poor driver would be pinned against the seat with that configuration you've got going on. I'm not trying to flame or critique, but just asking a question in regards to the kit tooling...I have this kit but have never built the interior yet, so that's why I ask.
  17. Looks like good clean work......Very nice!
  18. The folks that hacked this site, hack lots of sites.... "the islamic ghost team" has done this to many sites both big and small.... It was likely a random hit.....It could have been much worse. Those guys have been known to implant code, malware, and all sorts of trojans/viruses... This was a mild attack. MCM was lucky.
  19. For a thread you seem to hate, you've already responded to it twice!!.. Self ownage much?.....
  20. I think the problem is that there is no "system"... Like Harry said, it's just a bunch of conversation and commentary all jumbled together, and it's up to the Board-user to weed through it all to try and find what they are looking for. If You're looking for just the models, the easiest thing to do is to just follow all of the "attaboys" and other comments that say:..."great job"...."nice work"...."looks sharp"........etc..etc.. Those fellas with the longest list of compliments and attaboys under the original post, are typically considered to be the "board super heros". The folks wi
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