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  1. Great weathering Hippie. Looks very realistic. Awesome build. Corey
  2. I totally agree. The right lighting is essential. I took my photos on my kitchen countertop with my son's Kodak 8mp digital. Use white card stock for backdrop. Work's great. Corey
  3. Thanks man. I just realized that I'm missing a windshield wiper on the orange Dart. Going to have to see if I can find out where that went. Corey
  4. Here's a few pic of MOST of my built models, ith one wip. I have more new kits, a few restorers, and some wips that need something to finish each one. Here's what's crackin for now. Corey
  5. I was also very surprised that he didn't win . His work is awesome. Very clean and precise. Corey
  6. I think you did an awesome job Ace, your body and scratchbuilding skills are top notch. There are so many great things about your build, I don't know where to start. There were a couple firsts for me on my build, but I'm not good enough with body work yet to pull off ALOT of the tricks you had up your sleeve. Great build. Corey
  7. I think they're crazy to have 'not liked' Anything about your build. Looks killer man. And you're very welcome.
  8. Always an inspriation Wayne. Everything I've seen of your's has just been awesome. Keep em' coming. Your builds are killer! Corey
  9. Love your Camaro Jamie. It really jumps right off the page. The paint looks exellent! Black is pretty hard to get just right, and you nailed it. Awesome build. Corey
  10. Sorry Bruno. Was very tired last night when I posted pretty much the same thing you did. LOL. I've been working ten hours a day at my regular job, and then after work I've been hanging siding on a friend's house til dark. So I've been pretty worn out lately. Corey
  11. Thanks Rob. I'm still trying to let this one soak in. Corey
  12. Here's the official list of the winners and runner ups for each class in thr Revell/GearZ Global Model Car Championship. Congrats everybody. Corey Jackson http://www.revell.com/contest/revellgearz-winners.html
  13. Very good job guys! Everyone's builds look exceptional, even the ones that I've seen that didn't place. Proud to be amongst the lot of you. Congrats. Corey Jackson
  14. Very clean. Well built and executed. I really like your entry. Looks ready to start up and drive off the showroom floor. Awesome job Jim. Corey
  15. I know me too. That's one of my favorite things. Seeing what everyone else is building. That's why I frequent all these forums like I do.
  16. You're very welcome. Your work is outstanding as far as I'm concerned. Corey
  17. Thanks Jim. That is a good question and idea. I'm wondering when they are going to announce the winners, and runner ups on GearZ. Corey
  18. Thank you very much, I also didn't mean to come across in a bad way if I did. I understand what you're saying also. I just wanted to build it in a race ready stage, instead of as delivered in primer and gelcoat with little skinny tires and all. I also have heard people say that if you take a factory muscle car, and make it race ready, that it's not a muscle car anymore.? To me, and I'm not saying I'm right by any means; that just it's not stock format anymore, but doesn't make it not a muscle car. I just tried to make mine look like someone might have done with theirs when they got it new. Asi
  19. Thanks for all the wonderful comments everybody. Revell and GearZ made a list of the kits that were eligible to enter and the 68 Hemi Dart was one of them. As far as the theme goes, a 68 Hemi Dart, while not available as a regular production street car; it was STILL a factory offering, and it was an intermediate sized car with not only a big block, but the baddest big block that Mopar had to offer. As far as I know, everybody I have "heard" define a muscle car says that a muscle car is a factory offerd intermediate sized car, with big block power. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get much m
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