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  1. Here's the new pics of Superbee after missing pieces are re-applied. Corey
  2. Looks like you've got another awesome build goin Wayne. Killer work, and craftsmanship as always. Corey
  3. Hey guys, I'm gonna get some new pics taken, and posted sometime tonight ater I fix all the little things wrong with it. Corey
  4. Thanks man. The slicks came from a Nascar kit. Corey
  5. Thanks guys. It as been packed away for about a year now, and some of the pieces have fallen off, and need to be put back. Will fix it, and update pics. Corey
  6. Thanks guys. Paint is Testors Dark Cherry Pearl, and a nail polish color called Crushed. Both over a silver base. Im going to do Crushed flames on the Dark Cherry. And Dark Cherry flames over the Crushed. Then 2 or 3 coats of clear. Corey
  7. Here are a few pics of my current w.i.p. Body prep is done, Colors laid down, no clear yet.
  8. Here are a couple pics of my father in law's 68 Dart. Don't know how much help they will be, but here they are. Corey
  9. It's gonna be an awesome build. Corey
  10. Sure did philo426, you can order a custom shop Almost any way you want. And Bonekrosha, that's awesome. Impressive list of toys. Can't ever have too many for my taste. Corey
  11. My Dad, stepdad, and uncle and that doesn't even begin to name them all. Dennis Doty was probably the first that I'm not related to. Then there's all the guys on this, and other forums, and all the model car mags also. Too many to list. Inspiration everywhere if you just look. This hobby is chocked full of EXELLENT builders. And all of them that I've had the pleasure of conversing with have been class acts. Even though I feel WAY below most of the builders skill levels, EVERYONE has had gracious comments about my humble builds. This hobby is the best! Bar None! Everyone involved has inspired
  12. Was lost, but I found myself. Here I am.
  13. Here's a few pics of my guitars. These are my two main guitars. The Dean Razorback was designed by the late Darrell Abbott, aka "Dimebag Darrell" of Pantera. Mine is autographed by Rex Brown of Pantera.
  14. Harry P. Dean is most definitely still in business. I have two Dean Razorbacks. A 2009 with a string-thru body, and a 2011 with a Floyd Rose, and a Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker which is in here on the forums under my Civil War Chargers post under upcoming projects. Also, I have two B.C. Rich guitars. A Kerry King Signature Series Warlock, and an 80's Mockingbird neck-thru hand made custom. A Squier Strat, a Washburn Day Tripper acoustic, and an el-cheapo First Act Wal Mart guitar. I've been playing for right at 20 years now, and am still obsessed with it. P.S., Dean Zelinsky has another co
  15. It's missing a few pieces, and graphics on hood are starting to peel, but will be replacing lost parts, and freshening it up a bit, and will get some new pics taken. Sorry, pics arent the best either. Corey
  16. I built this model in memory of one of the best friends I've ever known. I have never been a fan of many of these later 70's Camaros, (No offense Chev guys); you can't spit without hitting one. There have been a few exceptions to that, and my friend Bobby's was one of those. His was all black, with something like 15x4.5 front, 15x8 rear Centerlines, with some big meat stuffed under the quarters. We grew up around Great Bend, KS; which is the home of the VERY FIRST NHRA National Event. So drag racing is running strong in our blood. His car was built by the President of the dragstrip with a Ver
  17. Where to even start? My scratchbuilt stuff isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to this stuff! All I can say is WOW! Corey
  18. Looks like it ought to be pretty cool Tyrone. Corey
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