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  1. Congrats Andy!!! I also am one of the grand prize winners. But mine was in the over 16 skilled unlimited class You did an exellent job on your Camaro. I entered my 68 Hemi Dart. Wasn't expecting this at all though! Also, my email reads the same as your's does, word for word. Also sent by Revell. The honorables are worded a little bit different, but pretty close to the same. Congrats again on an exellent build. I feel very honored, and proud to have received this award, and so should you. Your work speaks or itself. Everyone runs into detours on their builds, just have to be patient, and keep t
  2. Another good example of how great the people in this hobby are! Top notch in my book Mark. Corey
  3. Can't we all just get along? LOL. I am a member to almost every model car building forum I can find. The reason for this is that there is sooo much modeling knowledge all across the board in every forum that it's just mind boggling. To me it's just like school, or any knowledge base for that matter. Why not soak in as much knowledge as you possibly can? I come to the forums not only to post my work, but to get inspiration, and to gain as much and knowledge as I possibly can. Yes some forums may be better in some ways than others, but I think they all for the most part are a great tool in our h
  4. I agree with everybody here, it is a huge honor to be even mentioned in my book. Don't hate me please, but I was chosen as one of the grand prize winners in my class. I feel like this is a fluke almost, because there are SO MANY exellent builders out there. No matter what anyone says, I still have a hard time feeling like my build belongs among the chosen few. I'm no better in my eyes than anyone else here. I would have been extremely happy to even be mentioned, because as was already said; look at the company we're in! There are ALOT of top notch builders on here, and every forum I frequent.
  5. Here's a couple pics of my entry. Thank you guys. Corey
  6. Me too. I've been waiting in anticipation since Feburary. Was really shocked to see that I had won anything at all. I feel very honored and lucky. Corey
  7. Revell is contacting this years contest winners, but you only have til today to reply to claim your prizes!!! I was very pleasanty surprised when I checked my email this morning!!! , You might be too. Good luck Corey
  8. You are correct Steve. Sorry for the bad info, the car show starts Friday, and the drag races on Friday night. Car show continues on Satuday, with model contest. Corey
  9. Here are some pics of the build I did off of the 68 Landy's Dart kit. It's supposed to be street car running open headers. This build is several year old and was just dusted off today.
  10. July 27th at Oakdale Park in Salina,KS is the 7th annual contest. Last years judges were Jerry Titus, George Barris, Darryl Starbird, Fritz Shenck, John Di'Agostino, Jack Walker, Dennis Gage, and Gene Winfield. It doesn't get much better than that as far as a judging panel. Corey
  11. Will get more posted tomorrow. Thanks for looking. Corey
  12. Got a little bit more done on the Charger today. Thanks for looking. Corey
  13. Thanks guys. I don't like Dallas either, but it's not for me. Corey
  14. Thanks guys. Great idea man, I'll have to see what I can come up with. Corey
  15. I decided to go a little more drastic since it's supposed to be a drag car. No mods were necessary other than trimming rear wheel openings so the tires don't pinch Thanks for looking. Corey
  16. Will get more done and posted this weekend. Corey
  17. This looks like it's gonna be a superb build. Great work so far. Corey
  18. Looks like it's gonna be awesome man. Keep us posted. Corey
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