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  1. Here's a few pics of the suspenson and chassis, and the interior. Still have to make new torsion bars, and seatbelts. Thanks for looking. Corey
  2. mc4810, here are a couple of pics of the hinge system.Basically I glued my hinges to the radiator support on either side of the radiator, and used aluminum tubing for the pins. Corey
  3. Cool Bart, glad I could help. Corey
  4. No problem. Yeah man the black just looks sooo mean! I love it. I have a 68 Hemi Dart on here in drag cars that's black, but it doesn't shine like that. Corey
  5. LOL. Cheers Here's the pics of the Cuda' Bart. Corey Guess the 3rd pic is not the same car. Corey
  6. Thanks guys. I don't really follow football, but I don't like the Cowgirls either. I like their cheerleaders though. Scuderia, the paint is Testors AMC Sterling Silver Metallic, and Testors Sapphire Blue Metallic. Bartster, the car on my avatar is a 1:1. But I'll post the pics I have of it.
  7. This is my current wip. A friend is paying me to build him a Dallas Cowboys themed 71 Charger. So far not much, but will post as it progresses. Have a long way to go, but it's starting to shape up. Thanks for looking. Corey
  8. Thanks Wayne. That is what I love about this hobby also, you can build em' like YOU want em'. And I do build primarily to my tastes. It makes me proud just to have my builds on all of these different forums, and getting a good reception. The comments, good and bad; are just part of it. If someone likes my builds, then that's great. But if somebody doesn't, then that's fine also. They just don't have the same tastes that I do. To each his own. I'll keep on building em' the way I will. And keep on trying to learn something new every day. That's all we can do. Thanks again for the gracious commen
  9. Thanks man. Also, I did lower the front suspension. Forgot that one. Corey
  10. Thanks guys. LOL, bring on the critiques, I'm not scared. Just good ol' Plum Crazy Purple. Had about half a can left, and just didn't want to do a blue, or black one like everybody else. Ya this was just a weekend project for fun with my daughter. Box stock except for wheels and tires, and lil bit of wiring. Corey
  11. Here's a few pics of the build I did this weekend. Thanks for looking. Corey
  12. Yeah man that's too bad. It couldn't have happened to a friendlier, more caring person than that. He was most definitely one of a kind. That was SUCH a crappy thing too. Not just to his family and friends, but to music as a whole. He will be sorely missed for a LONG time to come. Cool pic of your buddy. I was wearing the same shirt when I got to meet Rex, and he just adored it. He was really down to earth, and humble. He lit up like a Christmas tree whe he saw me carry in my Razorback. We got to talk to him for about 20 minutes. He was REALLY checking my guitar out when he signed it, and said
  13. Awesome man. Dime was and is my hero. I have a Dean Razorback that was designed by Dime. Unfortunately he never got to see a finished one, because he was supposed to get the very first one the day after he was murdered. I was also fortunate enough to meet Rex Brown with his new band KillDevilHill, and got my pic taken w him, and my guitar autographed. Corey
  14. Thanks man. Its gona be a killer too, but just on the strip. No mini tubs, super stock springs. It has a big block k-member. It's getting a 30 over 440 with max wedge heads, Harland Sharp roller rockers, 690 lift cam, Indy single plane, 1050 Dominator, Jesel belt drive, MSD 6AL, 2 step rev limiter, 727 auto, with 3,500 stall, tranny brake, delay box, 8 3/4 rear with 4.56 gears. Also I love your forum name, the one I should have NEVER let go was a 68 340S Fastback 4-spd. But had to sell it when I started a family. Corey
  15. Nice job Dan. Looks like it's coming along great. Have to say though, thats a 73 or 74 Charger by looking at by looking at the roofline. 71 and 72 Chargers have this roof line. The model you are building is his 73 I believe. Here is a shot of it also.
  16. Thanks again for your gracious comments guys. Corey
  17. Nice build man. Good job. Corey
  18. Thanks guys. Yep, aluminum. I'm trying new things all the time. Some turn out ok. And some turn out to be just tanked efforts, and get scrapped totally, or redone. Sorry guys, I live smack dab in the middle of the state, in a little town called Hoisington. Not in any clubs at this time. Just sit at home and build cause I love it. Corey
  19. Thank you. I used gray automotive primer. Alot of times I use black so I Can get it darker, but went with gray on this one. Corey
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