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1969 Dodge Charger


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Hi all! I am new to the forum and would like to share pictures of my Dodge Charger model which I'm currently building:


I picked this up from a yard sale last year for maybe $5. The model quality is quite bad, so I figured I'd do something custom and not build it as the General Lee.


The chrome on this model was terrible, I stripped everything for re-chroming with Alclad.



The engine was primed and sprayed using Zero Paints Orange. The valve covers which came chrome were stripped and painted matte black.


The wheels and roll cage were painted in Zero Paints Gold. The wheels actually had great detail after stripping off the old thick chrome.


Detailing the wheels.


After spraying the stripped parts with Alclad you can really see a difference in quality. Stripping the chrome basically saved this model from looking like a cheap kids toy.


Detailed the engine with some spark plug wires which was a first for me. Also created my own pulleys and fan belt using black tape.


For the interior I wanted to do something stock so I went with a blue interior. I sprayed Zero Paints light blue metallic over black so that it will be a couple shades darker then the exterior which will be done over white primer. I added a touch of red to the tachometer for something different.

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This is where I am at currently, I installed the Hemi yesterday as wheel as attached the finished wheels and tires to the chassis.


I will also start now correcting body lines. The rear fender on the drivers side has a nice kink in it right at the base of the C-Post where the 2 parts of the mold met. My plan is to clean up as many lines as I can without doing too much body work. Since this isn't the most detailed model to begin with I'm hoping to get this off the desk to make way for some other projects.

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