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  1. Thank you and happy Fathers Day to everyone.
  2. Good point guys. Now I'll have to figure out how to measure all the frame rails to see what I have.
  3. I love this thread. I've been an Olds guy for 32 years. I've owned many Cutlass', 442's, Hurst/Olds and even some Vista Cruiser's. I like all brand's of American muscle but Olds is still closest to my heart. I've also had some 88's, 98's a Delmont 88 and a 70 W-34 Toronado GT. Unfortunately the Toronado was too rough and I had to part it out. Sure would like to get a nice one.
  4. Beware. There are two different legnth funny car frames. I picked up some stuff off ebay to use for my 442 and the chassis was too short. It has an AMC motor in it so I'm sure it's for the AMC. I just don't know which one. And it's definately JoHan.
  5. Not trying to be rude but just to clearify, they are not Hurst 442's. They are either a Hurst/Olds or a 442. Altho 68,69,73 and 74's were built off the 442 platform, they are still considered a seperate entity. 72 was built off a Supreme. 75 was built off a Salon and 79 was built off a Calais right on the assembly line. Even tho there were no 442's built in 83-84, the Hurst/Olds was still built on a 442 platform. Has anyone used one of those grills from Harts ? How does it fit ?
  6. I remember those Camaro's. I must have built about a dozen of those as a kid. One of my favorites. Unfortunately like many. I don't have them any more. Just pieces and parts.
  7. Wow guys. Those are some very nice works of art. At first I thought there was a green theme going.
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