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My in progress trucks: Kenworth S2

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As usual, I started a new project without completing any others(the Mack is very close though). I was looking at some KW pics and remembered that I really wanted to try to build an S2. I started with a few snap kit hoods, and after a little cutting and sectioning it was looking like something. I used a cab from the super boss kit, shortened the chassis quite a bit, removed the cab floor and moved it forward, used a KW coe grill(thanks Sam!), and threw in a Detroit. Yes, you heard that correctly, Im using a detroit. I really dont feel like scratchbuilding a Cummins 555, so this will have to be ok. Im pleased with how the hood came out. Tell me what you think.

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Some things being worked on: I just about have the KW S2 hood ready for paint, them Movin On decals. I think Im gonna go with the Aussie style headlights, 4 big singles, even though te rest of the truck will be the US version. 


White Wester Star 112"BBC SBFA hood. I still need to add the strip to the top of the fenders that AMT forgot, and scribe the seperation in the fenders where it would be two pieces. Dump body that will eventually go on this glue bomb Western Star.
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Got a first coat of laquer on the hood and mocked up the headlights. They are two sets of Mack DM800 headlights. I like this look and will go with the dual singles. I also fabbed up a chassis for a 20' dump trailer that I was playing around with. This was a total junk box build with some plastruct I-beam for the chassis. The wrecker service next to my house in the 80's had a junkyard with a bunch of antique dump trailers that were very low sides and couldnt have been much longer than 20'. 


Thanks for looking
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