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My in progress trucks: Kenworth S2

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Here is an idea Ive been tossing around for awhile, A hot rod old school Peterbilt. Inspired by some 1:1 builds that were more of a street rod with a Pete cab, I wanted something that more resembles a truck. I used most of an AMT Calofornia Hauler kit with an IH walking beam suspension made functional because of the drastic drop of the front end. I chose a walking beam so the chassis would lean down toward the front without having to modify an airbag suspension. I made a custom drop axle for the front, and modified the front leafs to lower it down. I narrowed the 359 grill to fit around a Paystar radiator with a custom fan shroud. The truck has a Cummins  250, and the hood top is made from a Diamond Reo hood. The hood sides are styrene sheet. The cab is a Jimmy Flinstone with the kit stacks and ac unit. It will also get a Farr air cleaner from the DR kit. I used the kit rims with revell tires. The paint will be the CH box art.

Showing the chassis angle

Drop axle


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wow! that looks very cool terry !  very original !

Thanks Gino!

Very cool start!! The stance is perfect 

Really like the fenders, looks like a custom chopper 

Thanks Jeff. I still have to play with the fenders some. I first tried using the kit fenders, but they didnt fit the tires well that close. I made these from pieces of the transformers in the lowboy kit. They fit better, but I cant get them mounted correctly. They look good from one angle, and not the other. Try, try again.

Cool truck Terry! Glad to see its not going to be flat black just as a thought have you check out what it would look like with super singles on the back?

Thanks Dan. I really like the look of the double wheels. My idea was the the box art truck slammed to the ground and chopped, but in an old school 32' Ford way. I want as much of the stock truck as possible except for the things that need to be modified. And dont worry, no flat black, this isnt a rat rod!

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Today I returned from a family vacation in which I brought a few snap kits to play around with during nap time. Two projects I wanted to try with a snap kit were a Unilite 359 conversion, and a 352 conversion. I used a few California hauler kits as donors for resin cabs, so I had a few extra cab,hood,fenders,grill,etc. I wanted to see just how easily this cab and hood could be adapted, and it was pretty effortless. The 352 is a ramp truck hauler for the Hot Rod 359 Im working on. I had an extra 352 cab that had been cut down to a daycab. First, I cut the protruded part of the snap hood containing the hood hinges off and glued it in the 352 cab. I will cut out the section for the grill, but as of now I havent. Im using Italeri 10 hole alcoas all around. I had an old ramp body from a papa truck that fit nicely with only a little shortening of the sides. I didnt have to modify the frame length at all.


Next up is the Unilite conversion. This truck went together so nicely, I cant wait to do a few more. I used the cab,hood,grill, and bumper from the AMT kit, the front fenders, chassis, tanks, and front wheels from the snap kit. I shortened the tail of the frame and re-angled it, added a mercury sleeper and 5 spoke rears from the diamond reo kit. I will add styrene strip to the bottom of the frame to make it full C channel. I love the way this one is coming together. 



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The transporter looks great as a COE. The cab hinging is very clever...you're definitely building outside the box!

Thanks Dennis. I need to move the hinges higher on the frame, but Ill probably keep this set up. The 359 hinges are way too low for a coe, but this worked for a mock up visual. I did the same thing on the unilte 359. I cut the font of the hood off and stuck it inside the AMT grill. Its a quick way to get some hinges for sure. I need to get some parts ordered for the Autocar mixer now that the summer is over. Ive also been plugging away on the big Mack R800, just not anything worth showing. Its very close to completion, as is the Malbros KW. It would be great to wrap up a few before the new year. 

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Thanks Dan. 

I built some new sides to fill in the space between the cab and ramp body wall. I sketched a few ideas and settled on this look. I used half of the front wall of a cattle trailer to get the curve into the top. I angled it with the back of the cab so it will all fit together nicely. I also brought the top back further, covering the hauled vehicle more. Tell me what you think. 

On the little window Pete I dropped off one fuel tank and one battery box. I like the look of nothing under the sleeper better. 

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Terry, what is the source of that GMC and the tanker?



The truck is the Amt 1960 Chevy kit with mods to the grill and scratchbuilt fender flares and running boards. The trailer is the Italeri Jumbo/Topaz tanker. The tank was sectioned by removing about an inch out of the height, and the axles were moved further back. I dont remember if this kit was a tri-axle or spread axle but I may have modified that also. 

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. I may use that one myself.


           Both projects are looking good.. I like the simple single bat and tank. I may use that idea myself.



    Be Well


Thanks Gator! 

Cool hauler idea you have going, really like the swept look of the front .


Thanks Jeff. I was going to use the front wall from the Papa truck kit, but because of the height difference in the Pete cab and the KW aerodyne cab I couldnt think of a way to make it look good. I was going to angle it into the cab, or curve the cab up to the wall, but none of that looked good. Then this pic kept coming to mind...


The drom box on this truck was the inspiration on how to get the look right.

Terry I like the new style on the hauler and the clean look on the Pete. 

Thanks Dan. These are fun projects.

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