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i have start with this one this week , wait to get the reefer paint for the ford CL9000 

this one i wil do for a very long time and try to make it a sixty year style , the grill i have from double take replica

and i want make it with the driversside door open , very carefully cuttin the door out with a panelscriber and today i make a kind of hinges

remove about 1,5 mm from the door and cab , take a rod from 2 mm , cut in 5 pieces , glue 3 on the door and 2 on the cab , fit and put it to the make 1 piece ,

0,5 wire true and the door gets open and close like i want , picture , closed


picture open




and with the grill



and now make the interior cut out and make it fit for the door

and start with the chassis

color wil be from the greyhound van lines , have already the decals from modeltruckin in house

now find the matching good color 



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               i will be following this one closely. i like what you've done thus far . Your door hinge looks great .

  And from the looks of the Grill .I am going to need to get a couple of those .



     Be Well


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after lookin for good reference picture,s i take this color [ mediterane bleu ], here a picture whit out the door ore interior




and here whit a interior dry-fit




i have make a point now to make it with double headlights ore single

i think a do the double lights with a old look

have take a look here for a lot of pictures and to much different style,s-type,s

but i like this old coe


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so blow the dust away and now he is almost done , only some decals and look for a nice place to make picture,s of this old coe , here some mock-up picture,s 






now the running lights and turnig signals are already installed also 1 horn and airhoses  

the grill came from double take replica,s

hope you like this old coe



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thank,s dennis 

here some picture,s when he is almost done , now only lookin for the decal,s and the tax-sticker,s












and one with a old trailer



hope you like this old coe

next i put him under glass section

and from here i wish everybody a healty 2017 and a lot of modelbuilding with fun  and plesure

greeting,s from holland - jacobus


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