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This photo of five of my Deuce models was taken by Helen Bradley for the official Northwest Deuce Days program to promote the Deuce Days in Scale model car show which takes place the same day as the huge out door car show Sunday July 24 in Victoria BC Canada.

The four outer models are replicas of cars that will be at this year’s event.

From left to right

Left to right

- Lorne Kerr’s black ’30 Roadster built as a Deuce, which he owned and sold in the sixties, then found it again and rebuilt better then ever

- Vic Edelbrock’s Brizio built red & flamed chopped Deuce 5-W Coupe appears on Deuce Days posters

- The yellow Goodguys Deuce Sedan is a tribute to the late Gary Meadors who was a street rodding pioneer and model car hobby supporter

- Bill Peratt’s Pinkee built blue chopped Deuce 3-W Coupe also appears on Deuce Days poster

- Ed Loewen’s tangerine chopped Deuce Sedan he has owned and raced since 1962

For more about Deuce Days in Scale check the website


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Thanks everyone. Northwest Deuce Days were absolutely awesome. Of the five models, three of the full scale cars were at the event. I talked to the owners' of the black roadster and the blue coupe. Vic Edelbrock the owner of the red coupe signed hats and posters all day Sunday. Friends of the owner of the blue coupe talked me into selling the model to them to present to the owner as a gift for organizing their road trip from Colorado.

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